Grandma and Cabbage Rolls

*Post from previous blog posted originally posted Dec. 8, 2012.*

Last weekend I worked to secure my spot as being best grand kid ever!

My grandma came into town to visit her sister who is in the hospital and not doing all that well. My mom asked my grandma to stay for dinner – which she did. Earlier in the week I had made cabbage rolls. Whenever I make cabbage rolls I end up with enough cabbage rolls for two whole meals plus a few leftovers for lunches. When I made the cabbage rolls I was planning on using the second batch for dinner Saturday night when we were planning on having company. Due to a bit of a mishap we had no company for the weekend….leaving a large batch of cabbage rolls and two people who have had enough cabbage rolls for the next month.

What was I going to do with all these cabbage rolls!

I decided I would pawn one meal off on my mom, then I started thinking about my grandma. I figured that being Polish and growing up in the 1940’s I made the reasonable deduction that she must have grown up eating cabbage rolls and that she wouldn’t be eating them now because they are too labor intensive and too much for one person.

I packaged up two small meals, one for my mom and one for my grandma. Then headed over to my mom’s house for dinner. The cabbage rolls were pre-cooked, all that needed to be done with them was microwaved and warmed through. Great for a quick dinner! When we got to my mom’s I told my grandma I made her cabbage rolls, she didn’t seem to care, but I really think she just wasn’t listening.

As she was starting to get ready to leave I told her that I made her cabbage rolls to take home for her dinner the next night. I thought she was going to start crying. She says “You made me cabbage rolls!” as she put her hand to her chest as if she was clutching some imaginary pearls. The continued on with “You just the sweetest thing to make me cabbage rolls.”

She then went on about how she needed to put them in tin foil to take them home, so she would not have to take my dish (not like I don’t see her fairly often so even if she did take my dish it wouldn’t be an issue). I then informed her that I didn’t need the dish back and I planned on her taking the dish with the cabbage rolls. This just about did her in, she continued to go on about how fantastic I was for thinking about her and making her cabbage rolls along with making sure they were in a dish that she didn’t have to return.

At this point I felt so awkward because in my opinion they were really just left-overs I wanted to get rid of but to her they were the best damn thing ever. It was one of those moments where it’s better to let the recipient believe it was in fact the best damn thing ever instead of diminish their joy at the kindness, so I did what I needed to do which was shut up and don’t say a single thing about there just being too many cabbage rolls for my family to eat (I did say this at first but it was rendered null and void by grandma).

The must have been actually quite excited about the cabbage rolls and not just being nice because I made her something, because she reminded my husband twice to put them in her car and my mom three times. My mom was cutting my grandma off a large chunk of brownie to take home as well, as my mom was cutting up the brownie my husband was helping my grandma to her car. A few moments later my husband comes back in the house and says “She’s waiting for the cabbage rolls.” Turns out she wouldn’t get in her car with out the cabbage rolls in the car with her.

I would say that my assumption on cabbage rolls was spot on. Next time she comes to visit I will have to make sure that I make some equally 1940/50’s-esq meal for her to take home.


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