I may have gone a little overboard with my new found hobby. Preserving. 

More specifically canning. I decided to try my hand at making strawberry jam, as it’s the Husband’s and I’s favorite jam, jelly, preserve, and we only ever receive one jar of this coveted delicacy (the home made stuff not that crap at the store), it maybe lasts us a few weeks. We both tend to mow down on the the PB&J’s. It’s the go-to breakfast and lunch. We buy peanut butter in bulk. 

We have always been given massive amounts of homemade jams over the years. Husband’s late aunt used to make all kinds of creations, however we would get the seconds, the things that the rest of the family wasn’t as fond of…things like cranberry, or blackberry/cranberry. The last batch of jams that were made my Husband’s Aunt we had to throw away. It was a sad day and I think both of us shed a tear. It was a number of years old and when it was opened was questionable. 

Husband’s sister also cans jams and that is where we were getting the strawberry jam, but only one jar. *tear* The others we would receive were equally delicious but not the strawberry. 

This year, we would have enough strawberry jam to last us the whole year…14 quarts of strawberries later I ended up with 35 1/2 pint (jelly jars) of strawberry jam. Thirty-five! Thirty-five canned jars plus four jars of freezer jam. I ran out of jelly jars for canning. 

The finial count I ended up with: 

7 Strawberry Margarita jam (to die for delicious)

18 Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

2 Reduced Sugar Strawberry Jam

8 Regular Strawberry Jam

I don’t even think I’m that big of a fan of strawberry-rhubarb jam but I bought some rhubarb just to try it out…and well, it made 18 jars because did not have enough to make plain rhubarb jam. 



I plan on making up some more jams, I want to try the Margarita recipe with other types of berries. I’m thinking blueberry and raspberry…or just fruit jams that include booze. 

Tomorrow I’m dragging the kiddo’s out to the farmers market and picking up cucumbers for pickling. I have had a request from the Husband to make bread and butter pickles – which I think are gross – it’s dill pickles for me, and only dill pickles. I’m sure I will go over board with pickling as well. I also learned my grandma’s favorite pickle is the bread and butter, she’ll be getting a jar delivered in the near future. 

If I am feeling industrious I plan on u-picking raspberries Saturday morning. 


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