Pickles and Caterpillars

I pickled a peck of pickling peppers. 

Well….it was more like a 1/2 bushel, but that doesn’t sound as interesting.


The finial haul of pickles turned out 7 pints of dill slices, 7 pints of bread and butter, and 5 quarts of dill spears. Pickles galore, and even this this pile of pickles Husband has requested another batch of bread and butter pickles. I honestly don’t think we’ll need them but he seems to think we will. I am not a fan of bread in butter pickles (you can read that as I think they are nasty) and I don’t foresee the Husband eating jars of pickles just for the fun of it. 

But I find it fun so I’ll be whipping up another batch. 

As picking was going strong I found that my dill had a bit of a stowaway. A caterpillar, who almost got turned into a pickled dill caterpillar. I would have been upset finding them floating in my pickles when I get to crack them open in about a month. 

This caterpillar now has a new place of residence, called a glass quart jar on my kitchen table. Doing their thing eating and pooping, and pooping, and pooping…and pooping a bit more. I hope I can keep this thing alive until it makes a butterfly and Little Miss will enjoy the butterfly process. She lobe, lobe, LOBE’s butterflies (lobe = love). 

When we went to my mom’s house for dinner – as we do every Sunday – I told her we were raising a butterfly. She said to me “Were are you doing that?” 

In a glass jar, on my kitchen table.

Mom: “oh, that’s kinda weird.” 

Where else would you raise a butterfly? It made me think that she thought raising a butterfly was like sending a monthly sponsor donation for some injured animal. Like the ASPCA commercials. 

This poor caterpillar might never make it to be the butterfly it was truly meant to be <insert some super sad celebrity and photos of dead caterpillars> But you…you can help now, by sponsoring your own butterfly. Send money now and we’ll send you photos of your very own butterfly, with your donation you can help this caterpillar make to a butterfly by avoiding things like natural predators, pesticides and squishing by people who just don’t like bugs. So send money now. 

Now, that’s strange. 


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