The Caterpillar

It died.

I woke up to find nothing in the jar.

Naturally, since it was eating when I went to bed the night before I thought it had planned a great escape and was adventuring around the kitchen. If it made it in to the kitchen it was already dead, there was no way that the cats would allow some slow wiggly thing to live.

At breakfast Little Miss was asking to see the caterpillar but at that time I still thought it was on it’s exodus from it’s home in a jar. Half way through breakfast as I was getting yelled at to add parsley and it was dinner time for the caterpillar I noticed it laying in the bottom of the jar on it’s side.

Welp. I can see it’s escape plans didn’t go so well.

I then had to deftly steer Little Misses interest away from the caterpillar, which she was reaching for the jar staying that she “Want to see it, want to see caterpillar.” Really, a dead caterpillar can be rather traumatic for a two-year-old. I had no desire to try and explain to a distraught wee one about death and that I more than likely killed the caterpillar.

Later that night, caterpillar, it’s dinner and a bag of scraps found their way to the compost pile…enjoy your new life caterpillar…as food for the worms.


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