A Random Happenstance

I have come to the conclusion that mundane or normal are not synonymous with my life. I swear some of the weirdest things happen and I just let it happen simply to see what comes at the end. 

I’m out walking my dogs, rather late. I had some things I needed to take care of and didn’t get back home until well after 10 pm. It’s dark but we live in a good area, the biggest thing I have to worry about walking the dogs after dark is the random wild animal that wonders across our path…mostly skunks, that never works out in my favor. 

We’re on our normal walking route when a car randomly pulls up next to us, practically in someones drive way, the man driving yells out “I don’t mean to scare you but what kind of dogs are those?” 

This is actually not to odd of an occurrence when I’m out walking. I’ve had a pretty large number of people who have stopped to ask me what kind of dogs I have. They’ve even stopped their cars and backed up to ask me. Yes, my dogs are pretty awesome, and everyone is always very disappointed to find out they’re just mutts. No fancy breading here, they’re not even fancy mutts, which are all the rage. 

I tell his guy and then he asks if the dogs can have a treat, well sure why not, it’s only something like 10:30 at night, you’re a total stranger and you’re trying to give my dogs treats in the middle of the road. That’s cool, go for it. I’m thinking dogs biscuits that he has in his car because he just really likes dogs. 


The guy gets out of his car and whips out two raw-hide chews, one for each of them. Pretty good sized ones too. The he proceeds to get down on the ground with my dogs and pets them all over. You know, the way a dog person scratches a dog, getting all the good spots. 

Then he starts talking to me telling me all about his dog. My dogs end up laying down in someones drive way to gnaw on their treats. This guy continues on the story of his dog. 

Turns out his dog is living an hour away with a family friend and he goes to visit him every day. He was recently divorced, and had to move into an nearby apartment complex that doesn’t allow pets, that’s not all that odd or crazy but the story gets better. His ex-wife, wife at the time, decided to take a trip to see a friend in another state – roughly three hours away so not too far. She wanted to bring the dog for company, but her reasons for taking the dog were much more dubious than just wanting a travel friend. She gave his dog away. 

Well dog was given to another friend who then gave it to their daughter who then gave it to another friend and eventually the dog ended up in a dog adoption foster program. Where the dog was then moved between foster families because the first one wasn’t taking care of him. After awhile a photo of his dog gets back to him though the friend of the soon-to-be ex-wife’s friend, not realizing that the soon-to-be ex-wife essentially stole his dog. He contacts the adoption agency informs them that it’s his dog and that the dog was taken from him. 

The foster agency tells him that he’ll have to show proof that it’s his dog before they turn him over to him. The guy says that the dog will prove that it’s his dog. The dog foster family said that with out a doubt the dog was his by the way the dog acted. The foster family vouched for him and he got his dog back, but then had no place for him and the dog to live together. Hence why the dog is now saying with the family friend. 

He even had to get out his phone to show me photos of his dog. 

Then he started telling me how he’s been working hard to find a place he can rent that will allow him to have his dog. This dog, which I feel kind of weird saying “dog” more like family member, it’s a New Finland mix. Giganticasaours dog. Even the pet friendly apartment complexes, which are almost all now in my area, have a limit on gigantor dogs.  He tells me that he just needs to get the down payment together and he’s all set and mentions that God’s looking out for him…which then prompts another story. 

The second one was just as crazy as the first dog one. He needed a car because the ex-wife got it in the divorce. He’d been taking the bus and had no steady job. He ends up at one of those pay-here-fiance here used car lots. They get him in good car with low payments and pretty good interest rates – he said every place else he went the interest rates were sky high and he didn’t need a car that bad. Then as he’s signing his paper work to get his car the manager of the lot comes up to him and asks him if he would like to be one of their drivers. 

And then he tells me thanks for letting him pet my dogs and giving them a treat and then drives on his way. 

This kind of random stuff happens to me all the time, it’s not even like it’s weird to me anymore it’s more like it’s common place. And you know why this crazy shit happens to me, because I just let it happen. A good portion of people would have said no to the dog treat, if they said yes to the treat I think the rest of the majortity would have found a polite but quick way to end the conversation and be on their way. Instead I stand there and talk to them for 30 minutes as my dogs chew down on a random strangers raw-hide. 


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