Chicken: It’s what for dinner

Today I didn’t want to cook. I had a project I wanted to finish which entailed climbing up on my roof. I had two sections of gutter cover to finish on the front of my house. I did not want to take the time to stop and make dinner or wait until I was finished to try and cook. Husband could have but his ability is pretty limited. 

I took some chicken breasts, still frozen. Tossed them in a baking dish, added three cloves of garlic and 2 small onions quartered, and a few of my herb oil cubes. Covered with tinfoil and baked at 400 degrees for an hour. 

It was awesome. Chicken was juicy and had a great flavor. Added a boxed noodle side and some frozen peas. Dinner prep took a total of 15 minutes…maybe. 

That herb oil cube I found on pinterest was a great idea. Thumbs up to that pin. 


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