Just plain busy.

There is not a lack of excitement around this house. I guess that would actually come down to what one would call “exciting.” It’s more just being overly busy.

My lovely cat that pees in the house has now become an indoor/outdoor cat, mostly for the fact that if she’s peeing outside it’s not in my house. The peeing is due to her spraying/marking because one of the neighbors started letting their cats out. Their cats would come up to our house and sit on our porch, which drove our territorial cat nuts, so she started marking by all the doors and windows. Cat pee is awful to get rid of fully. We’ve been able to clean it up in all areas of the house but two. One being a rug in our bathroom and our laundry room where the cats litter boxes are located. She was not peeing in the laundry room because her litter boxes were in there, what happened was she was going in the litter box but when she went to the bathroom it was leaking out a seam in the back of the box and getting on the wall. The wall is nothing but cheep paneling. By the time we figured out this was going on and moved the litter box pee had already soaked into the cheep paneling, and now both of them are peeing on the pee spot on the paneling. It stinks. It’s horrible, I was in the room the other day and thought I was going to vomit.

Husband tells me he is going to rip out the paneling, which starts a slight argument about we can’t rip it out until we are ready to replace it with something…because letting two obnoxious cats, or two babies or two dogs have access to the inside of a wall is a good idea?! What was decided upon is that the laundry room will be remodeled before the bathroom, which sends all of my plans into a bit of a tail-spin, for the past two months I’ve been getting ready for this bathroom remodel and now I have to quickly figure out what is going to happen to the laundry room and then make it happen with little time and on a shoe-string budget, not to mention all the other projects that need to get completed by October. Oh, and I’ve just started an interview process for a full-time position.

The other projects that need to get completed is a retaining wall (I’ve given up on re-doing my patio), gutter covers and cleaning out the gutter. Neither are too large of a job, but when I know most of my weekends will be taken up doing other things, like going to visit my grandma and there are only eight weekends left. Let’s just say I’m a wee-bit high strung right now, and doesn’t leave me much time to put together my recipes I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to create a few meatless meals for a friend because recently they decided they were going to be come a Pescetarian, basically a vegetarian that eats meat.

As for other excitement, my grandma on my dads side is dying. She’s on death watch but seems to keep hanging on even being unresponsive. She hasn’t been really with it for quite some time now. My dad passed away three years ago this month. My grandma (dad’s mom) doesn’t know he’s dead, she was at the funeral but when she was up she would tell people that my dad never came and visited her and that he stuck her in “this place and left her.” My dad did force her to move into an assisted living center after a few major falls that resulted in a broken pelvis and months in nursing home care. My uncle told me that whenever she would ask where my dad was he would just tell her that he was coming to visit, since she didn’t remember who was there or wasn’t anyway.


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