My Cat was Stolen!

My cat (Turdface) was stolen! 


I’m very upset about this. Way more than I thought I would be. We started to let her outside a bit hear and there due to her peeing in the house. I know that outdoor/indoor cats have a tendency to vanish. This was something I was trying to reconcile with myself before this even happened. I would check on her religiously when she was outside, calling her if I didn’t see her, and she always came back right away. She didn’t always come back inside but at least back into the yard.

So, how do I know she was stolen and not just wondered off. Well, we were out in the yard with her on the day it happened. She was lounging with us in the garage as I watched the kids and Husband worked on the Jeep. Turdface even caught us a small mole and brought it home. Then Husband asked me to help with the repair on the Jeep because his hands were too large to get into the small area. The job was extremely annoying. As I was helping with the Jeep I watched Turdface walk up to the front porch and around the corner. 

No big deal, she hangs out on the porch all the time just laying there. 

Then I saw some people walk by and I heard someone make a comment about there being a cat. Now, remember we’re in the garage, but a Trail Blazer was parked in the drive way. I could see them as they walked by one of the kids was running back and forth down the drive way, it’s not as if we were hiding around the back of the house being super quite. I thought about walking up to the front of the house but then figured that our cat would be fine since we were right in the driveway…and I was at that moment hanging upside down under the dash of a Jeep. 

After that was finished I walked up to the front of the house looking for the cat. I didn’t see her. Odd…but thought maybe she was just out of eye sight. Something seemed off to me and I started to get the feeling she was missing. I grabbed her bag of treats – which I use when she’s being extra stubborn about coming in – and shook it. Still no cat. 

I then went to Husband and said, “I think someone took our cat.” 

He thought I was being paranoid. We then took the dogs for a walk. I had to cut the walk short early because Kiddo fell and scraped her hand, which was very traumatic. We returned for a band-aid, and I started the search, just because that little nagging voice was really starting to bother me. I walked up and down our street shaking the treat bag and calling her. Still, no cat. 

It was now about 6:30 pm, and it was only about an hour since I noticed she was missing. The Husband and I were going out to dinner and I actually thought about canceling to start canvasing the neighborhood, but Husband and my mom (who was there to watch the kids) both talked me into going and said my fears that she had been taken were silly because she must have just wondered off stating, “she does go outside now” 

We came home from dinner, still no cat. My mom had not seen her. It was then that my husband believed me that she was pilfered. I walked all over that night, the neighborhood was unnaturally busy so I ran into a few people asking them if they had seen the cat, but to no avail. 

The next morning I went out again looking for her, just incase she really wasn’t taken, also I hung up signs all over the immediate area, figuring if someone walked off with her they must be located fairly close by. I have yet to hear anything and it’s now Monday. 

I alerted my neighbors to the missing cat, all the ones I spoke to had not seen hide-nor-hair of the cat, which to me just confirms that she was taken and is now being held in someones house. Someones house that is nearby. 

I feel more violated that she was taken than if something else would have happened to her, because even as a cat she is part of the family. If she were truly “just a cat” to us we would have gotten rid of both the cats last year when they completely ruined our house. And I do mean ruined, it smells like a damn litter box. We’ve had to completely re-do rooms in the house because of these cats, costing us not just their normal food and health costs but thousands of dollars in housing repairs. 

It’s also been awful to deal with the older kid, who is almost three now. She’s starting to get a better understanding of the world. The first day Turdface was missing she didn’t seem to care, saying that she was outside but that was it. Each day since it’s gotten worse, she’s now asking where the cat is and telling me that she needs to see her. To the point where she’s getting mad when I tell her she can’t because we don’t know where she is. Kiddo is also going out in the yard or the door and yelling out it “Turdface, come home, come home NOW!” When she sees a photo of her (because I’m making flyers) she demands to see the photos and starts wanting to know where she has gone. It’s not like I can say that something happened to her and he’s over because she’s seeing me put in all this effort to find the cat. 

I am doing everything I can to find this cat. Today I loaded up the kids, got a ton of flyers printed, ones to place on signs around the neighborhood and local business, others specific to veterinary offices and another set that I am planning on putting on every house in the surrounding area – it will take roughly 400 flyers, I have 225 currently. (I went to google maps and counted the buildings on the roads I think should be targeted).

I drove to almost all the vets in the SW area and dropped off a flyer and hit most of them in the SE area as well. I am faxing her information to the North side vets and calling every vet that I can find to let them know that she was taken. If this cat ends up in a vets office matching her description they should scan for a microchip.

She is listed as lost at every on-line lost animal site there is, including the various rescue agencies. She’s has a microchip and is up-to-date on their files. That was the very first thing I took care of, making sure that in the event she does end up someplace where they will scan for a chip we will be notified immediately. 

After I finish peppering the neighborhood with my fliers there isn’t much more I can do but wait. Wait for her to show up in a vet’s office and hope it’s not too far out that they forget to scan for a chip (most of the offices I talked to said that it is their policy to scan any new patient which was heartening to hear). Wait until she escapes from wherever she is and makes it back home – a most likely scenario, which could be days if not weeks, or wait for her to show up in a shelter. 

If you want to help please post here informationImage


Or, if not the spam the internet with missing cat photos I did find a prayer for missing pets. 

We ask you to help us find Turdface,
our dear pet who is now lost.

We know that you placed animals on the earth
for many reasons, including companionship for man.

We therefore ask you to help us find our lost companion,
and pray that You will keep her safe
and protect her from harm until she is found.

We join our prayers with St. Francis,
St. Anthony of Padua, and all the saints,
and pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


I’ll take all help I can get, including good vibes. 


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