The Crazy Cat Lady

The other night I saw a neighbor out with her kids, who we occasionally have play dates with, and I informed her of my cat conundrum. She told me that I needed to talk to the lady across the street as she was “The Crazy Cat Lady who collects cats.” Neighbor then went on about how the other lady searches out cats and takes them to the shelters.

I was all like oh dear god she stole my cat!

The Crazy Cat Lady didn’t look like she was home so I went and grabbed on of my fliers, then walked over and knocked. As expected no one was home, I left the flier.

Tonight I got a phone call from one crazy cat lady. I thought for a moment it was someone returning Turdface, but no. She just wanted to let me know that she was on the look out and she had her friend on the look out as well. We ended up talking for 20 minutes. She is in fact Crazy Cat Lady, but only that she just really cares for animals, but not the weirdness over the top. So, no more crazy cat lady than myself and it was really nice to talk to someone who understands being upset and doing everything I can to get Turdface home, even if it does seen a bit on the neurotic side.


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