Pets are gross and you will do gross things for them.

Living with animals is gross, you give up a whole lot of personal and household hygiene. The house suffers it the worst at least, for most part, people shower. Think about all the dander and hair and dirt they track in, and just look at their eating habits. No wonder studies have show that children living with pets do not get sick as often, they have already been barraged with various germs and nastyness that comes with animals.

Now, does that mean those of us that live with the filth magnets love them any less or would give up having a pet for a cleaner house, nope. It’s just part of the package, you learn to live in it and live them for it, even when you’re cursing them because another vacuum but the dust.

Well, tonight I think I did one of the grossest things regarding a pet. And I didn’t even think twice just did what needed to be done because the dog couldn’t do it herself…although she made a valiant attempt.

Chloe has had a bump on her rump for years now. I’ve known it was there but it never bothered her so I just attributed it to getting older. She is a nine year old dog now, that’s old lady dog. Old dogs get bumps and random skin growths, just like old people. Then today we’re out for a walk and I notice that her hair where the bump was located looked like it had been chewed off. I took a closer look and saw that she had a bit of oozing. Ok. Gross. Decided to check out the area later that night when she would have been nice and sedate.

After inspection I found it was oozing, and could be expelled. I told Husband he had to hold her down. (He really didn’t) I expelled her cyst. Yep, gross. She didn’t mind. Let me trim all the hair up, push on it and then clean her all up. So it must have been a bit of a relief. Bit it got me thinking would I ever do this for a person. No, I would not but my pet no problem, not even a second thought.


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