Can Can Can…and Can(ing)

I’ve been so busy…canning. It’s for the better part of the past month been the only thing I’ve been doing with any spare time I have, or just staying up till all hours of the night and being extremely tired and cranky the next day. I was planning on taking last week off of canning and this week. Using this week to search out the best price on tomatoes. I started asking around on Facebook today one suggestion was a grocery/florist/nursery – yes I know, it sounds a bit like a hodge podge of a store, and it is. 

I believe the store started as more like a tiny “farmers” market that sold some produce, farm-y stuff and plant items. I live by another store that was similar back in the days of my grand parents. The place by my house is called  “Fruit Basket Flower Land” most people call it “Flower Land” as their sign has a gigantic “Flower Land” plastered across it, and in little itty bitty print just above the “Flower Land” it says “Fruit Basket.” The only people that call it Fruit Basket now are those that grew up with their grand parents taking them to the “Fruit Basket” (ahem, me) and old people. I mean OLD people. In their 80+ kind of old. My husband is always confused when I tell him that I have to go to the fruit basket, which means I have to go get more plants for the yard. 

Anyhow the Fruitbasket and the store I went to today from what I know about the area (based mostly on listening to old people) is that they had similar beginnings in life but Horrocks (the place I was today) expanded their grocery section and garden center. This was my first time there in ages, as in I can’t actually remember the last time I was there. I went there to get cucumbers because they were on sale and the Grandma requested more bread & butter pickles. This round of pickles will not be as good because the cucumbers are not the best for pickling, but they will do. As I was wandering around the store looking at all the random items they sell. (They have Pastys!) I ran in to a 1/2 bushel that said “Michigan Canning Tomatoes $8.99” 

I stopped, looked around at the other shoppers, looked at the tomatoes, checked the sign. Checked the sign again. Looked around, because I was thinking “this can’t be real.” The only sub-text was that the $8.99 was just the tomatoes not the basket the tomatoes were sitting in. Well, canning was NOT my plan but I guess it is now….grabbed the basket and went back to wandering around. 

That is the best deal on tomatoes for canning I have seen! If I knew I could get through all of them before the fruit flies take over I would have picked up a full bushel. 


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