The saga of my Energy Bill and the Freezer: Part 1

Almost since we’ve been married we’ve had a large deep freezer. It’s an upright, old, and an energy hog. Think of that gigantic piggy in Charlotte’s Web that Wilbur goes up against at the fair. Yeah, that’s my freezer. We were debating on getting a new one last year, my mom even fronted us most of the money to be able to go out and buy a new one, however, we never made it to the store to go shopping and the money was then squandered away on things like groceries and bills.

Towards the end of last year our electric bill jumped to almost double and has continued to stay quite high. We figured that since the freezer was already an all consuming electrical hog that it must be on the fritz and needed to be replaced. We started working on cleaning out the freezer with the thought that we would buy a new one once it was mostly cleared out. However, around the time the freeze was finally empty enough that it was feasible to shut down and bring in a replacement, we ripped out the room where the freezer lives. Since I have no place to put a freezer in the garage and I have no desire for a freezer to be running in our family room as we try to do things like watch T.V. I decided it was best to not get a new one until this laundry room project is completed. It would also give us the chance to see if it really is the freezer that needs to be replaced.

It’s been about a month since the freezer was shut down and at this point I’m thinking that I was unjustly blaming the freezer for being old. I now think it’s the stove that is causing the jump in our electrical bill. The major jump in the bill came when we were cooking casseroles from the frozen state, so a little bit of extra use but nothing too major. At least not one that you would expect to see an almost double electrical bill at the end of the month. Now it’s a year later, electrical have been much higher than they should have been all summer. The freezer is off and I get the next bill, it’s even higher than before…and guess what appliance I’ve been using more than for making a pot of Mac & Cheese. The stove.

I think it has been the stove that was border line and now that I’ve been putting it though it’s paces with my canning adventures it’s really starting to struggle, not only with my electrical bill but general cooking. When I try to simply boil water I have to crank it up to high just to get it work in under 30 minutes.

Due to our stove issues I’m really considering the idea of taking the rest of my canning and running away to my grandma’s for the day weekend to complete my jars of food.

I think we’ll be able to milk the stove for another 6 months possibly to a  year before we’re in dire need of replacement. That is a good thing because it will take us that long to get around to shopping for a new stove. I think we will move to a gas stove. I have a personal issue with gas stoves, I lived in a trailer in college that had a gas stove where the pilot light went out constantly, at night, when we were sleeping. I’ve always been a bit leery of gas stoves after that, but being able to accurately control the heat with the amount of cooking I do it’s becoming more inciting each passing day.

Maybe if I’m lucky I can find a great deal on a scratch and dent Wolf. Hahahahahaha! Someday I will have a Wolf and a SubZero but not for this house.


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