What time is it? It’s time for pie!

If you watch Bubble Guppies and read that as the lunch time song then bonus points for you. The bonus is that how it sounded to me too. 

I love pumpkin. So much so that if there was an AA for pumpkin I would have been sent there a long long time ago. Since the massive amount of pumpkin only comes about but once a year I have no problem letting myself indulge…to the extreme. It’s really all a test to see if I can get sick of pumpkin enough that I won’t miss it once it’s gone. I do typically have a back up plan which is stored pumpkin puree in the freezer to make a pumpkin pie (or french toast bake) randomly throughout the year. 

I had to go to Costco this week, I was there to pick up meat for Stupidly Easy Pork Sandwiches but their meat was way too much and over a dollar more than the grocery store. Now, the Costco meat was probably better but it’s not as if I’m having a premiere dinner party. I’m throwing it in a crock, going to cook the crap out of it and then smother it in BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s if you were wondering). Since I think Costco is one of the most fabulous stores I end up wandering around for some time. (I wan there over an hour!) The only section I skip is the electronics because that’s more money then I have to spend and the pharmacy because that’s just boring. 

Eventually I end up in the bakery department, and what do they have for muffins….Pumpkin Streusel! It’s more like having a mini cake for breakfast and not a muffin. I don’t even think it should be considered a breakfast food any more and should be classified as dessert. The apple streusel muffins are super sweet. The pumpkin streusel thankfully is a bit toned down on the sweetness from the apple. I was thinking about getting four packs of muffins, two pumpkin and two other flavors because I couldn’t come home with two packs of pumpkin muffins. (If you are unaware on how Costco muffins work they come in packs of 6 but are sold in quantities of 12.) I picked up a pumpkin and a lemon poppy muffin pack, just one of each. Their muffins are also gigantic. We cut them in half to eat them because one muffin is just too big. Eating a whole one might put you on the border of gluttony. 

I then left the muffins still wondering if I should grab another two packs when I came across the pumpkin pie. I stopped and I think I might have actually said out loud “Don’t mind if I do,” as I picked up the pie and placed it in the cart. Then it was off to buy what I needed…the meat, which I didn’t get. 

Upon arriving home and sharing my excitement on the pumpkin muffins and everything else I picked up at the grocery store I completely forgot to mention the pie. I brought in all of my goodies, I also went grocery shopping after Costco, and was down to the pie in my car I walked it in the house and unceremoniously placed it on the counter. 

Husband took a look at it and said “uh, you going to eat the whole thing again like last year?” 

After a quick moment of thought I replied with “yep.”

It’s not the first, nor the last time I’ve polished off a Costco Pumpkin pie on my own. Once again if you’ve never been to a Costco everything in there is XXL. You’ll buy something, like a jar of pickles thinking “that’s not that large” because in relationship to everything else in that store, it’s not that large. Then you bring it home and you’re starring at five gallon jar of pickles that doesn’t fit in any storage in the house thus becoming the centerpiece on the kitchen table for the next six months. 

It’s a big pie. It’s at least twice the size of normal grocery store pies, and I do eat it all by myself. Not in one sitting, but a slice here or there after dinner or for a snack, and then by the end of the week it’s gone. 

I did make an attempt to share my pie. The wee one didn’t seem to enjoy it, so she must have been switched at birth with another baby who looks just like me when I was a baby because no child of mine could resist the allure of pumpkin. The other other one decided that chocolate milk was where it was at and was too busy slugging down her chocolate milk. This was after she had to yell at me “CAN I GET MY PIE,” once lunch was finished. Didn’t touch it.  


I felt this post needed an image, and since I’m being too lazy to pull photos off my camera, enjoy this horrible pumpkin I made in Photoshop…complete with my paint pallet. 



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