Turface’s nemesis

Two years ago now is when we first started dealing with Turdface’s spraying in the house. It took over a whole year to figure out what was going on, and that entire time we were blaming the other cat. All of this peeing in the house started when this large orange cat showed up in the neighborhood. I noticed it around the house, even in my back yard!

It’s been hanging out again. It was prowling around our picture window. I’m fairly certain that we have a chipmunk burrow in our front garden, because I have watched Turdface stalk in the same area. Alas, nothing is ever caught. When I see the Orange cat I ran outside, expecting it to dart away, like most cats would. This cat however, just hung out. It was looking at me like it was trying to decide if it should run away or stay and see what happens. Naturally, I talked to it, saying “Hello! Orange Cat! What are you doing? Do you want to say Hi?”

Then I sat on my porch.

A moment later I came and jumped up on my porch with me. Still not getting too close and seeing if I was going to make any sudden movements. When I did not it decided I was okay and it would hang out for a bit. It sat next to me on the porch, like I was it’s person, and got some pettings. I didn’t notice any flea poop, that’s what I was actually looking for on the cat when I was scratching it’s ears. This cat was awfully skinny. When I first saw it over a year ago it was a little fatty. It really is a bigger cat it’s head it huge compared to it’s body currently, and that makes me wonder if maybe this cat was dropped off in the neighborhood. I asked Orange Cat if it was hungry and told it to wait in the yard. Which it did. I went in a grabbed a cup of cat food – the dry stuff and brought it out. Orange Cat dug right in. Slightly strange unless the cat really doesn’t have a home. It came back later that night and was looking in our window. I ran outside but by the time I was presentable it had gone around the back of the house next door. I put out some food for it that night, in the morning it was gone. I don’t know if it was Orange Cat eating it or some other varmint that lives near by.

Last year I had a scar of my life when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I saw two beady red eyes looking at me from the middle of the picture window. Right smack in the middle of the picture window were two glowing eyes. FREAKY. I turned on the light…after staring at it for a few minutes as every horror movie scene ran through my head. It was a raccoon. The raccoon had some how managed to get on top of the squirrel stopper (lol!) on the bird feeder and was scooping out handfuls of bird seed. The raccoon came back for a few more nights until we ran out of see. At that point we decided not to refill it and it’s been empty since last spring. We’ll start filling it again in the winter, right now there is plenty for birds and wildlife to be eating, I don’t need to also feed them.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Orange Cat and feeding them. It find it funny that I am feeding my cat’s nemesis and the reason for all of the issues with cat pee in the house. If it’s a stray I’m going to have to find it a home, or build it a little out door home

2013-10-09 15.27.37 2013-10-09 15.26.54


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