Drama where there is none.

I’ve mentioned a few times that my grandma is a wee bit into the drama. I’m pretty sure it’s entertainment for her, and by the time I’m her age maybe I will be into the drama and finding things scandalous. 

If you tell my grandma anything, everyone and their next of kin will know about it, even if you yourself have never met any of these people. This drives my  mom, who is very private person absolutely nuts. I regularly get lectured about how I shouldn’t tell my grandma anything, ever, because the whole world will know my business. Uh….hello, I have a blog the whole world already knows my business, and besides grandma likes to hear all the stories of my life because I’m her grand-daughter. So, if I have to tolerate some story coming back to me with a whole lot of embellishment added to it, oh well. It’s not something that bothers me. In fact I find it somewhat comical. My mother on the other hand seethes at this, including when ever stories of me get back to her…and thus a lecture about telling my grandma anything insures. It’s a cyclical process. 

One day, when visiting grandma I had to drive separate, after the family left I stayed a bit to visit, because it’s my grandma and everyone should visit with their grandmas. My grandma, once I was on my own with her, starts asking me about the upcoming (not past) baptism for the wee one. This is how she starts the conversation. 

“So, the baptism is coming up….are they going to let you baptize wee one?” 

“Uh, yeah…..”

“Oh. Well, so and so wanted to get their baby baptized but they had to go to church for three months prior, every week or they won’t baptize the baby.” 

“What kind of church was it?” 

Some random church in the area, I don’t remember which one. 

“They probably weren’t members, most churches do want you to be a member of their congregation.” 

“But you don’t go to church!” 

“I’m a member of the church. I was married there, got the last kid baptized, same church, same priest, just because we don’t go every week doesn’t mean they are going to turn us away at the door.” 

 “Well, you have to take classes, and if you don’t they won’t baptize her.” 

“We took them with the last one, I’ve already talked to the church, multiple times.” 


I think grandma was looking for the drama that we were going to set up a baptism for the wee one and we were going to be turned out the day of the baptism. Inside I was thinking to myself if you really want to find a “scandal” in the baptism how about focusing on the fact that we were about to have a Catholic baptism where the God-mother is obviously a lesbian. I guess it really comes down to how much of the Catholic doctrine one follows. 


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