Copy Cat Recipe: Artichoke Jalapeño Garlic Dip

I feel I have been neglecting the “food” aspect of this blog with all the happenings over the past month. Babies learning to walk, toddlers being toddlers, birthday parties, more birthday parties, college alumni stuff… phew, busy times. When will January get here so we can relax. Ha!

Here is quickie recipe that I made up after we found this delicious dip from Margaritaville Foods. It took some trial and error to get it close to the real thing, at the time I was testing this recipe I was using my co-workers as test subjects. From the comments I got no one seemed to mind.

Artichoke Jalapeño Garlic Dip

1 block (8 oz) Philadelphia Cream Cheese – softened
8 oz sour cream
3 cloves fresh garlic minced
1 15 oz can Artichoke hearts – chopped (I buy them quartered)
2 fresh jalapeños – seeded and diced (if you are a fan of the heat leave a bit of the seeds)
Salt to taste

*Note: I highly recommend wearing gloves when dicing the jalapeños, and wash hands with hot soapy water after. Too many times have the jalapeños got the better of me hours later when I touch my face…ow ow ow!*

Mix all ingredients together, using a wooden spoon or scraping style spatula. Add salt to taste. Viola, done!
Place in covered dish for a few hours in a refrigerator before serving.
Top with slices of jalapeño for garnish.

Personally I make this a day or two ahead of time before I am planning on serving. I find it gives the jalapeño flavor to mingle into the sour cream/cream cheese mix. I also love this dip because you can make it a few days ahead cutting down any prep time for a party and it keeps very well.

Serve with pretzels, pita chips, tortilla chips or my absolute favorite, lightly sea salted bagel chips.

The actual dip is still amazing and everyone should try it, I like to make my own because I get a larger yield and can double the recipe. It’s a great recipe if someone is watching their salt intake as this recipe the salt can be omitted where as buying the dip will have added salt.


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