Beans, the musical fruit, literally.

In and effort to save money I’ve been buying dry bulk beans instead of canned. Besides being less than a third the price of canned there is also the added benefit of less preservatives, sodium (salt) and whatever the hell else is in canned foods. (Really read the ingredients).

It does give up the convenience of canned beans, and not going to lie I still use them….all the time, but with a little forethought using dried beans can be just as easy as canned.

I want to try a black bean soup recipe that I found on pinterest – ahhh pinterest my crack cocaine of the internet world.

Spicy Vegan Black Bean Soup from

This recipe is part of a collection of “Fall Soups for Fall” pin that seems to be making the rounds. I think I’ve seen it daily on my pinterest feed.

Sometime this week I will be eating that soup, but it uses canned beans and I only like to use the canned beans when I’m in a bean-mergnancy, such as I have less than 10 minutes and need to bring a salad to a potluck. Hello beans, fancy meeting you in my pantry, you’re going in a salad. I hope you enjoy being delicious.

Thanks to the internet, and that the dry/canned bean ratio is easy to remember it’s a peach to figure out how many dry beans needed.

Here is the basic break down for Dry/Canned beans:

15 oz canned beans = 1/2 cup dry beans. (about 1 1/2 cups soaked/cooked)

1 lb dry beans (about 6 cups soaked/cooked) = 4 15 oz cans

Simple and easy to remember.

Put beans in a large bowl to soak. I try for over night.

As the beans are soaking I keep hearing a “pop” “POP!” “pop” all though out my house. It sounds like the snap a canning jar makes after it’s been processes. I can not figure out where this strange popping noise is coming from.

I look for the cat. Nope sleeping.

I check the kids. Nope they are sleeping too.

I check my pumpkins and the stove and the sink, and nothing that I check is making this strange and rather lout popping noise.

Then I walk by the table where the beans are soaking when one of them snaps.

Uh…what? The beans are popping as they are soaking and rather loudly. Every minute or two there is a snapping pop noise coming from my kitchen, so beans really are the musical fruit and I’m not talking about the music that comes out the butt after eating them.


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