Grandma Update

Here is the short of it: She’s in a nursing home for the next three weeks. Then will be reevaluated. If you want to know which one you can send me a message. As of right now no room number available.

Here’s the long of it:

Grandma had a bunch of tests run on Wednesday, and I’m going to try and skip all the medical jargon. Speaking with my mom is always an adventure when it pertains to health because she speaks the medical jargon and I do not. I have to stop and ask “Okay…now what is that, dumb it down.” Example: My mom tells me that Grandma had an I&R test and it was a level 4.5. Yeeeahh. I have no idea what that means, I have to keep backing her up to explain it in laymen terms, something I think she is rather annoyed by or has trouble trying to figure out how to explain complex matters like that in terms any bum off the street can understand, luckily I don’t mind stopping and clarifying (and probably why all my doctors seem to be exasperated by the end of all my appointments).

Grandma is in Coumadin (and until 10 seconds ago when I googled it I thought it was spelled with a K). Coumadin is a drug that thins the blood and is used on people who have a clot risks, which Grandma does. She’s been on Coumadin for years after a few blood clots floated around and ended up in her lungs. If a person is on Coumadin they have to have blood draws every week to every other week to have the clotting factor monitored. Grandma does that. However, something happened and she ended up with her blood too thinned. If a person is on Coumadin for blood clots the ideal level is “2” – I had to ask for clarification on this one. The two stands for clotting time, a normal person with a cut that is X deep by X long will clot in one minute, an ideal for a person on Coumadin is a cut X by X will clot in two. The X’s mean I have no idea what that measurement is. Grandma came in reading at a 4.5. That means that with a basic cut from a general household mishap could have caused her to bleed out.

Now, like I said this is monitored pretty closely, but some how when the doctor office called, Grandma missed the call. Previously the office would have called my mom and left a message for my mom to give the instructions to Grandma, but Grandma got annoyed by the office calling my mom so Grandma called the office and told them not to call my mom again.

In hindsight maybe not the best decision.

This caused some internal bleeding. Husband asked me “from where?” The answers to that is I don’t know. I think as people’s bodies get older they eventually get to the point where the body just goes “eh f’ it,” and weird things start to happen. Like blood seepage from wherever. This was the case with my Grandpa (Dad’s dad) that eventually lead to his demise. So that was causing some of the pain.

That was just a complication of the real problem.

The real problem is an infection.

Grandma is prone to getting infections. This is most likely caused from her habit of eating spoiled food and poor hygiene. Yes, Grandma has poor hygiene.

So bacteria floats around the body and ends up getting into her fake hip, because it’s more difficult for a body to fight it off in fake body parts.

When my mom went to find out what was going on she got two different stories, one from my Grandma and one from my Aunt. One of them was saying they were going to open up my grandma’s hip and “power wash it” out to help get rid of the infection. My grandma is NOT a good candidate for sugary. The other one said that they were moving my Grandma to a nursing home. It was too late to talk to a doctor by the time my mom got to the hospital. My mom at that point was just like well, I’ll find out tomorrow, she’ll either be in surgery or she’ll be moving to a nursing home, I’ll find out when I show up after work.

Grandma was moved to a nursing home.

The nursing home is for rehabilitation and trying to get rid of the infection. Infection is the real problem because it’s very hard to get rid of once in the fake parts. If it gets bad enough the hip replacement will have to be removed. If it has to be removed then Grandma will not ever be walking again because she’ll have to hip. There is nothing left for them to try and create a new hip. There is simply not enough bone matter left. She’s had two hip replacements done in the same hip, and last time she had it done they told her that she couldn’t have any more hip replacements, if something happens to his fake hip it’s game over (for hip replacements).

Grandma will be staying in the nursing home for the next three weeks – as that’s what Medicaid covers for rehabilitation services. After three weeks she will be evaluated and decide if she has go to an assisted living, nursing home, or can return home.

If you would like to send cards, get-well wishes, or give her a call (she has her cell phone but doesn’t always have it on because she thinks she gets charged for minutes if the phone is on) send me an e-mail, leave a comment with an e-mail address or text me (I’m quite terrible at picking up the phone for calls).

I’m also going to try and relate all the amusing parts that have happened,  you know family dynamics, and I started out trying to include that but it was way too long and weird reading. So I apologize if there is some weirdness in this post.


3 thoughts on “Grandma Update

  1. You can always call text whateber if you have lab test questions. Glad to answer them. Hope you Grandma gets pain free and safe.

    • Thanks! My mom is a nurse so she gets the medical jargon. I only know enough to ask questions and that’s because I spent three years working in a hospital (non-medical). It’s such a specialized field with it’s own language, more so than other fields.

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