Another update on the Grandma

So…she does NOT have an infection. 

All the problems is caused from internal bleeding from the Coumadin. What happened is Grandma fell. Then started having the pain a few days later, went to the ER of the Hospital of the North, then went to ER in the big city. After some doctors and tests one of the doctors looks at her in an examination and goes “It looks like there is some bruising, by chance did you fall recently.” 

Grandma goes “ummmm, I might have….I don’t remember.” 


She remembered she fell, she was just embarrassed and didn’t want to admit that she fell. So two ER visits, and admittance to a hospital for a week it comes out that the internal bleeding was caused by a fall. Makes sense with whacked out clotting factor.  

She’ll be in rehab for some time because of the fall and bruising. 


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