I was perusing the internets and I came across a list of restaurants, one of the restaurants listed was Fuddruckers. 

I have never been there and we don’t have one anywhere near where we live either, but ages and ages ago when I was a little kid we had one in town. It got good reviews. I think it was just a bad location because everything after that one moved out also failed miserably and is now just rotting away on some prime frontage of a busy street.  

One day as a little kid my grandma was watching us kids and we were out on a mission to find a place to eat out. I think my grandma still to this day enjoys using the excuse that we’re around to get fast food-esq food. Many times when we go visiting we end up arriving by lunch time and we have little kids so they need to be fed on a schedule or major melt downs are imminent, so we pick up something from one of the local restaurants, like KFC or Pizza. Everything time you’d think we brought in a tenderloin wrapped in thick cut apple wood smoked bacon grilled to perfection with a side of perfectly sautéd mushrooms and onions, and a baked potato. So when grandma was watching us it was always a dinner night out, typically to the Wendy’s. (That was back when Wendy’s had that super awesome salad bar.) 

For some reason we were not near the Wendy’s and driving around we were passing a restaurant named “Fuddruckers”  someone in the car mentioned that we could try that place. 

Grandma sees the sign and says “What the hell kind of a name is Fuckers for a restaurant? That’s just unacceptable.” 

No…It’s FUDD-ruckers.

FUCK-ruckers? That’s not any better. 

NO! FUDD ruckers. 

Oh. so it’s not fuck-ruckers? 

No….no it’s not. 

Remember we’re little kids, like elementary school age. Having your grandma drop a whole lot of F-bombs in the car is quite scandalous and well, hilarious. After we were able to get over our initial shock and explain that it was Fuddruckers and not “Fuckers” we were laughing so hard that our sides hurt and I still remember it quite clear to this day. 

I have no idea where we did eat but it wasn’t Fuddruckers or Fuckers, I do know that. 


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