Processed Foods.

We don’t normally eat a whole lot of processed foods, but we at the same time we do because it’s just how food is produced here in America and to get around it you’d have to quit your job, move to the Alaska wilderness and start living the homesteader lifestyle. Even if were not very dependent on that many processed food I still ate them like once in a great while if we didn’t have anything to pack for a lunch I brought spaghettiO’s to work, or canned ravioli, or a can of soup. You get the picture. I totally used canned vegetables all the time too. 

Since the second one was born and I have recovered from 9 months of pukefest, I started to use less and less commercially manufactured foods, including canned vegetables, beans and such. For the most part we get our vegetables for storing from Schawn’s. If you read their ingredient list there is only one ingredient in their vegetables…just the vegetable itself. Go read that Green Giant label in your freezer right now, there’s about 20 different ingredients. I’ve even started getting bulk dry beans in more of an effort to save money than avoid processed foods. 

So, I’ve been at this for about a year now where just because of how I’ve been cooking and in an effort to save money slowly eliminating manufactured foods. Last week I was starving. This happens rather frequently in the middle of the night and I have to eat something…as in the equivalent of a whole meal not just a snack, or there is no way I am going to fall asleep. I just lay there awake feeling hungry. I wasn’t feeling ice cream, my traditional go-to before bedtime food and decided on a can of ravioli, the Chef Boyrdee kind, pretty standard. I’ve eaten 100’s of those cans, that and the Beefaroni. 

I couldn’t eat it. 

I made it, tried to eat it and it tasted so disgusting that after a few bites of choking it down I eventually gave up and fed it to the dogs. They did not care and thought it was super awesome that instead of getting saved one measly bite of canned pasta product they got almost and entire bowl. 

I was perplexed on why I would find canned pastas nasty. They are by far not the best thing but they work in a pinch. It was after the ravioli event that I started to pay closer attention to what I was eating and in particular what I was NOT eating. I found that I was not liking a number of products that I used to greatly enjoy. One of them was microwaved popcorn. Our microwave has issues with popping pop corn and I had always wanted a popcorn popper. For the past year the popper was the only thing I was using for popcorn. My first bag of microwaved popcorn was a bit of a surprise. This leads me to the conclusion that much of what we eat actually tastes rather gross but we’re just used to it, so we think it tastes good. 


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