Candy Candy Candy…wait not a Candy?

Last night was Halloween, where all the little ones and some not so little ones dress up and run a muck…or really just get candy for going to people’s houses. Despite the rain it was a good Halloween. Husband took the kids out, Wee One was content hanging out in the stroller and the larger one would have kept going all night rain or not. At one point I started to worry after they had been gone for over an hour and had already done our little street. 

Everything has been about trying to eat all the candy and yes I’ve put limits on it. Actually, I’m using it as a means to get the bigger one to eat food. The most exciting candy were suckers, specifically Tootise pops, because they are “big suckers.” She had to find all of the “big suckers,” count them, and then show them to me all night long. This morning after breakfast she wanted a big sucker, and since she ate breakfast I let her have one. The novelty lasted all of 30 seconds when she realized she couldn’t chomp through it and handed it back to me. It’s now saved for later on the countertop.

In each of their buckets they got a little candy package…I guess for some people just tossing in a candy bar isn’t enough they have to go out and make little candy packages and wrap them in fancy Halloween cellophane bags with gold or silver twist ties. Go you random neighbor, I’m excited if my kids nap, fancying up Halloween is not even on the radar. In this fancy package was a non-candy item. It was a pumpkin eraser. A very cute one, I might add. 

I told the larger one that Wee One could choke on it, so make sure she doesn’t ever get it. The larger one talked about how the pumpkin had a silly face and how she liked it. I told her it was an eraser and not a candy. Then as I’m picking up the kitchen I hear “hahaha, what a silly face, I’m going to eat the silly face.” 



I turn around just in time to see the pumpkin eraser go in the mouth. But I’m pretty speedy at getting non-food items out of kids mouths, I grabbed it and had it out before she could even chomp down on it. I had to re-explain that she can’t eat it either because it’s NOT A CANDY. 

Then she looked at me like I was full of shit, and just stole her silly face pumpkin candy. 


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