To be super awesome is awesome.

Let’s talk about how super awesome I am…and by super awesome I mean not awesome at all. 

Yesterday I slipped and fell down the stairs. I hit my arm so hard that I thought I might have broken it. The fact that I couldn’t use it and three fingers on that arm were doing nothing but twitching. Watching your had twitch when you can’t move, it’s a little freaky. I ended up texting the Hubs to come home because I couldn’t move it and there was no way I was going to be able to pick up either of the kids until the pain subsided or I went to the doctor. By the time Husband got home it had been well over an hour since I fell and I still couldn’t do much with my arm/hand. But eventually the pain subsided and I was able to move my hand again. So, no reason to go to the doctor. I do have one nasty bruise that is already starting to come out and I can’t put any weight on my arm. 

The even better part of this story is that I was carrying the cat when I was walking down the stairs. My feet slip out of under me, I start to go down, throwing the cat up strait up in the air as I’m going down. Some how manage to grab the railing to stop myself from falling, which then twists me around and whack my forearm on the metal balusters. As this was happening I was also falling/sliding down the stairs. The cat lands in front of me on the stairs after being tossed strait up in the air, as I’m sliding I kick her down another step. At that point she ran away and I didn’t see her until I was able to get myself off the stairs and procure an ice pack. Where she then came out and tried to lay on my injured arm. Love you too cat. 

The next super awesome moment came earlier today, when I decided that I would drink some coffee. But, I happen to hate microwaved coffee, and since I have been feeling cold all day I wanted something warm. I decided to warm my coffee up on the stove, as it was warming I thought I would go and respond to a facebook message. The idea being that I would head back up in just a few minutes and get my coffee then heading back to my computer to do some work. As anyone would know this was not the case. Instead I got districted by the message and started working on the work, and got a little too into the work. 

Much, much, much, later I got up and started walking around, when I noticed a strange oder. I still didn’t even think of the coffee at that point and just assumed that the candle I had lit was more pungent than usual. When it finally dawned on me that I had left coffee heating away on the stove and went to turn it off I found that I had not burned the coffee but instead made a coffee like pudding.  


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