Carrot Cake: for sale?

I hear my carrot cake is the best carrot cake ever, at least that’s what I’ve been told. 

One of my former co-workers used to tell me I could make a living just off of my carrot cake. 

I am toying with the idea of taking orders for the holiday season…but not sure. The biggest question is would anyone really want to buy a carrot cake and the next biggest question is how much to charge. I’d have to price everything out (not like it’s that big of a deal), but it is a bit of research. 

The carrot cake is special because it’s made with love. It’s dense cake, weighing in around 8 lbs of cake. It has over three cups of hand shredded carrots and a home made cream cheese frosting. The frosting is used as a filling and on the top, no frosting on the sides because the cake is too intense for a full frosting. 

It truly isn’t a cake you can get in the store and I have yet to find even a baker in the area that has one similar. 

If my house wasn’t full of candy, cookies and other sweet things I would make one as a sample. 

As for other baked goods I’ve decided I want to try making a traditional english pudding. It uses suet that I would need to render. It’s more of a food experimentation since I’ve never cooked with suet, let alone have to render it myself. Next time I head to the butcher I’m going to try for suet.


3 thoughts on “Carrot Cake: for sale?

  1. Yes, whatever the ingredients cost you to make the cake and then tack on 30-35%. I think you could easily get $40 per cake. It’s so frick’in good!

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