The Best Laid Plans

Sometimes I start to feel the Universe is out to smite me. Every time I get a plan of action and start on it something happens that is completely out of my control that just sends everything spiraling into oblivion. Want to be really frustrated constantly….well having everything go to shit will make it happen. 

I really wanted to participate in the 30 days 30 posts…It’s a thing in November, and there have been books that have come out of the writing challenge. Obviously I’m not planing on creating a book but I thought it would be a good challenge, well it’s November 4, and guess how many blogs I have written….ZERO. That’s not exactly true. I wrote three but some glitch put one as a draft and I totally lost the other two. I wrote them all on November 1.

It’s just a blog post right, however this is the story of my life, and it’s quite frustrating. 

So, instead of posting about cheesy potatoes I’m posting an angry rant, AND I’ve gone 24 hours without a caffeinated carbonated beverage, which is just leading to my aggravation. I imagine this is what it might be like to quit smoking? Never done it so I don’t know. 


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