Doggies on the couch!

Kiddo was having a screaming shit fit when she went to bed, finally broke down to see what was the issue. I told her I had to work on the computer so she asked if she could lay on the couch. To which I said no, because every time I’ve let her “lay on the couch” to fall asleep when I’m working she ends up playing for 90% of the night or until I go to bed at some un-godly hour. I told her that she could talk to her dad and lay one one of the other couches…the ones not in the same room as my computer/office area. 

A few minutes later I hear her sneaking down the stairs until she arrives in the middle of the room, looks at the couch in the room where I am working and goes “Oooooo, there’s doggies on the couch.” “Momma! doggies on the couch. The doggies are on the couch!” 


“We gotta get them off.” 

Then down comes dad who says, “I said you could lay on the other couch, NOT down here.” As he starts to scoop her up. 

“doggies are on the couch!” 

Dad, “We have other couches, leave the dogs alone.”

The dogs slept though all of this, and honestly even if we wanted them to move I don’t think they would have complied. 


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