After my last blogs about sweet potatoes and yams, and the fact that I have never made nor eaten actual yam has got me wanting to try it. Just put that in the list of experimental dishes I want to try and make. 

I went on a quest to try and find a recipe for actual yams. This turned out to be quite a bit harder than expected as everything I found labeled as “yams” were actually sweet potatoes. In my search I came to this site Worlds Healthiest Foods and I thought “Yesssss! some real information on yams!” Which was very informative on the nutrient content of the yam, but when I went to the recipe section there was nothing! I thought maybe their website just seriously sucked so I tried searching using another food, WHAM, tons of recipes. 

So far the only real recipe I’ve found is Coconut Yam Thin bread. I would like to try it but in truth since most of the ingredients are from a speciality story I don’t think I’ll be making it any time soon. Other recipes are pretty basic saying “roast it, or mash it and add spices.” 

Well…what kind of spices, how long does it need to cook what goes with yams? I would like an idea of what I’m about to get into before whipping up some true yams and then trying to feed it to my family, because let’s face it I’ve made quite a few experimental dishes that ended up in the trash because they were not fit for even dog consumption.  


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