Gravy: The mushroom edition

I had no intention of making a post about gravy, but after reading a post from a friend that they picked up a can…YES A CAN, of gravy for Thanksgiving dinner. That stuff is nasty. When it’s heated up it doesn’t even smell like gravy, it smells like reheated dog poop. My mom once picked up a jar of gravy for convenience when she tried to heat it up she blurted out “Oh my God, what is that smell? This stuff is bad and I just bought it!” I then had to say “Nope, that’s just what it smells like.” My mom was thoroughly grossed out. 

The reason I know what awful it smells like is because the Husband used to get the stuff all the time and swear by it, until I forced him to eat my gravy for a few months and then when he tried to go back to the canned stuff he found it was no as delicious as he thought he remembered. 

Gravy is super easy to make, there are all kinds of ways to make it as well. One my favorite ways is to use the roasting pan and roasted vegetables mashing them up on the stove top, but that gravy is a bit more involved this is quick and easy gravy 101. 

The basic ingredients of any gravy are thickener, liquid, and flavoring. Once you get these together you can make a gravy out of anything and in less than five minutes! Since the person who prompted me loosing sleep because they are going to eat canned gravy is a vegetarian and bought mushroom gravy I’m basing this basic recipe as a mushroom gravy.

Basic Mushroom Gravy (for the vegetarians). 

  1. Mushrooms – canned or 8oz fresh, chopped
  2. tablespoons butter (or butter substitute)
  3. 2 tablespoons flour
  4. vegetable stock or vegetable bullion
  5. 2 cups water (omit water if using stock) 
  6. a good whisk

Assemble ingredients, gravy goes fast so it’s best to have everything at the ready. 

Heat a small sauce pan over medium heat, add butter and melt. Once butter is melted toss in the mushrooms, if using canned just heat. If using fresh they will need to be cooked until tender. Once the mushrooms are tender take the 2 table spoons flour and sprinkle it into butter and mushrooms. Let that cook for 1-2 minutes. You can stir it at this point if you want and it will look like a weird chunky mixture. 

Once you have let the flour cook (the point of cooking the flour is cook out that powdery chalky flavor that can be caused from adding your flour as a thickener at the end), add in your bullion.* Grab your whisk and pour the water in slowly whisking out any lumps as you pour in the water. Then bring to a low boil until desired thickness is met. 

At this point season to taste with any spices you would like. Typically I use a pinch of pepper. 

*omit this step if using a stock

Same steps for any other gravy, beef, chicken, etc, just omit the mushrooms and change the stock/bullion but all the rest of the steps are the same. 


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