Shopping on Black Friday.

I don’t shop on Black Friday. I hate everything about it, the people, the rude people, the need for stuff. Everything about it just irks me. So I very rarely go out on Black Friday. I’ve only gone out twice that I can remember, once was a mistake – I was on vacation for three weeks from work so the days just sort of blended together – and the second one was tonight. I found the deal that was going to bring me out of my house. It was at a pet food store. I saw they had Greenies on sale at the pet food store. I was leery of this pet food store because of previous experiences. I only go there for two reasons, one, they carry an item my store of choice does not and two, some amazing advertised deal. Just about every time I’ve ever gone there for some advertised special I get to the store I find some utter bullshit about how it’s not actually that price. It is the most annoying thing EVER. I read the ad top to bottom and all the fine print to find anyway they could get out of the pricing in the advertisement.

I decide, against my better judgement to try the store, I figure that at night and a pet food store the crowds shouldn’t be bad. Well, with out fail, their pricing was MORE than advertised and more than the advertised price at my preferred pet food stores! The first store was only running their deal for one day, Black Friday. The other store was running their sale for the entire weekend. I put my cart back and left. Since I was already out I decided to stop by my preferred store.

I walked into the store, they had the item I wanted fully stocked, at a better price point. Then on top of having a better price point and a longer running sale the store employees got a hold of manufactures coupons and taped them to the top of every box. It was a good coupon too for $2 off each box. It wasn’t even that they just printed off a bunch of coupons from a website they some how they got a hold of a whole slew of coupons that looked like they were clipped out of a coupon circular! That’s just suburb customer service. I had a coupon for $3 off so I gave them back one of their $2 coupons.

However, their suburb customer service doesn’t stop at pre-coupon clipping for the customer. I was looking at the cat Greenies and one of the workers said I should check out their super awesome deal on Greenies. (It was an awesome deal at a $1 per bag, I had a coupon for a $1.50 off as well.) I mentioned that I was trying to find some that didn’t have chicken as one of the cats has a chicken allergy. We then engaged in friendly banter, he walked up with me to cash register and along the way offered to carry my purchases. (I declined, I had everything perfectly balanced).

There are many times the second pet food store doesn’t have as good a sales, or their items are a bit more expensive than going to another pet food store or bulk food store, but you just can’t get super customer service like that everyplace.


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