Stand Mixer: Yes!

I am the proud new owner of… A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Yay! 

With the amount of cooking I do one would think that I would already own one of the beauties, but I did not. At least not until last week. My Aunt called my mom’s house looking for me. My family must be on to me that I don’t ever pick up my phone, but they all know we go to my mom’s house for dinner every Sunday. She wanted to know if we wanted to take their old couch, and we did. One of the legs was broken on the couch but ended up being an easy fix. However, the leg is still not fixed. When we put it down without the legs it became a super short couch. Wee One was so excited when we set it down she ran over with this look as if we just set down a couch just for her. We just haven’t had the heart to put the legs back on the couch, because some a certain someone will be really disappointed. 

After we said we would take the couch my aunt also asked if I wanted a coffee pot and the Kitchen Aid mixer. Honestly I was dumbfounded that anyone would want to give away their stand mixer, but if she was going to get rid of it I was all about taking it. 

We also took the coffee pot and Husband saw the coffee pot he was excited as well, because it was just like the old coffee pot that broke and we were unable to find a replica. Our coffee pot was put in storage and the new-old pot is now in use. (The breaking of the last coffee pot made us realize that having a back up is extra important!)


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