Pinterest Trial: German Apple Bread

Okay, so everyone that is anyone that is on Pinterest knows it’s full of awesome, we also all know that the full of awesome is not always…shall we say, so awesome. If everything pinned were as easy as the internet makes it look like it there wouldn’t be this lovely site Pinterestfail. I’ve also tried a number of internet recipes that ended up being a “What 7th hell did that nastyness come from,” and other times you find a gem that ends up in the family nightly dinner rotation. As the saying goes “you have to crack a few eggs to get an omelet?” I think that’s what the saying was anyway.

I was on the hunt for an apple bread for two reasons, I wanted to make another sweet bread to give away as gifts. I’ve been making mini loaves as gifts this Christmas, the second was to find more recipes to use up my insane amount of canned apples. I only have apple pie and apple crisp. Pie we hardly eat and every time I’ve offered to make apple crisp the family has nixed me. To the internets!…or more specifically Pinterest. That brought me to this recipe.

German Apple Bread – Made with Michigan Apples

I give it a thumbs up, and will be making it again. I did not go exactly by the recipe as I was using my home canned apples. The canned apples were made specially for pie making. The canning recipe is from the Ball Blue Book of Canning and Freezing, and can also be found on their website, Apples in syrup. 

I gave my canned apples a rough chop and for a quart size jar ended up with roughly 3/4 cup of extra apples. I tossed the extra apples in the batter as well. I don’t think this affected the taste, it did make the bread fall apart a bit more once sliced.

The only thing I might try differently is adding cinnamon to the batter recipe instead of just the topping. The bites with the topping were the best bites where the cinnamon, apple and touch of sour cream mingled together to create a really unique taste. I would like the cinnamon incorporated throughout. The second thing Husband said about the bread was “This would be more awesome with cinnamon in it,” so I think that cinnamon addition would be a good direction. The first thing he said is that he was yummy and to keep the recipe around.

The bread is great on it’s own without any changes. I recommend making up a loaf. I’ll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow morning.

I did, in fact, use Michigan apples, even picked them myself. I used the Cortland variety. I think a Snowsweet would be fabulous in this recipe.





A Squirrel found a gourd-cicle in the yard! I could watch these little guys for hours, I often times wonder if the neighbors ever get annoyed that we feed the wildlife. The gourds we set out after the children used them as play things for most of October and November. They were meant to be decoration, but it didn’t turn out that way.


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