Cut the Cable!

Yea, so it finally happened. We got rid of the cable TV. It’s been a full week and a half. I thought for sure there would be some minor withdrawals from the constant availability of TV. When we got rid of cable our DVR went with it, which I figured would be the bigger issue than actual TV. 

Here have been the downsides. I no longer have hours and hours and hours of recorded children’s programing. This isn’t an issue for me per say but one of the wee ones will ask for specific shows. Shows that we no longer have access too. They’ll actually just look at me and tell me to get the remote. They’re telling me to go to recorded content in their own special way. Then it turns into demands. The whole idea of “we don’t have that any more” is totally lost on them. The second downside is there is one, ONE show that husband watches and I happen to also watch the show. It is the only thing we do together and the only thing we actually set time aside to do together. That one show…not covered by either of the streaming outlets (Netflix/Hulu). The only place I could find it was off of iTunes for 3.99 an episode. I was seriously like WTF is this garbage? The station plays 90% of all their shows the next day from their own site accept for that one program. I thought that was a bit ridiculous. 

However here are some positives of no cable. I don’t use it as much of a crutch to entertain the kiddo. There were many days where I was just like “I can’t take you any more…here watch five hours of Dora.” PBS is non-stop kids programing from about 6 am – 2 pm, where it then switches over to some combination of a cooking show and then sewing show, and then it’s back to kids programing until the PBS News Hour at 7pm. Thankfully we get a few other PBS stations with the antenna and I’ll turn it to the other station and tell the kid that “PBS kids isn’t on any more” even though it totally is but the call letters all look the same. It avoids a screaming shit fit. 

The travel programs on PBS are low budget have piss poor sound and the talent looks like they would be at home in the early 90’s. However they are full of awesome travel tips, mostly abroad. I think this is my new favorite thing to watch. As an added bonus they seem to put my kid to sleep. Thus avoiding yet another screaming shit-fit when I try to make them take a nap. 

The HD air signal is way better quality than my cable ever was. I noticed that as soon as I got the channels up and running. Where as before with any program you’d have to be a minimum of 10 feet away form the TV for it to not look like a pixeled monstrosity. Now you could be an inch away and still get clear quality. Not that anyone would want to do that but hey, you could. It’s not as if the distance thing was an issue in the past because no one needs to be that close to a TV. It was just something I noticed when I would walk close to pick something up in front of the TV (which was almost always a child trying to watch it from 10 inches away). I thought we just had a shitty TV. 

We’ve also found that a few network TV shows are pretty good. Our TV viewing is still hit or miss and virtually nonexistent so nothing we’ll actually get into and watch. I was trying to watch Marvel’s Agent’s of Shield and Grimm, but the last time I had a chance to watch TV was Christmas Eve. I had one day a few weeks ago where both kids were sleeping. I thought “OH YES! I’m going to go catch up on the SHIELD Agents.” I was so excited. Sat down, found the listing on the DVR…and then found the DVR deleted all but the newest two and I knew I was four episodes behind. I think I actually blurted out to myself in my basement “Damn it, I don’t want to watch it on the computer.” So I’m now all episodes aside from the first three behind. Looks like it will be a summer rental. 

So that’s where the lack of cable stands. We have yet to get a Netflix or Hulu account. Eventually we will get one but we’re trying it out without. Since our TV viewing is so limited we both decided to wait until we actually want to watch something or feel the need to watch something…that may not come until both the kids are in college – LOL! 


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