Cranky and looking to travel

Alright, so where to began. Today I am feeling very very angry. In fact seething. I’ve been here for a very long time, and right now it does not take a whole lot of anything to set me off. I’m also probably suffering from a case of the SADs. Yes, it’s for real. I used to laugh about it in college when I had to make up fancy bulletin boards and talk to residents about the effects of S.A.D. This shitty winter that has had me trapped in the house with two screaming children from sub-zero temperatures combined with wonky as hormones as got me majorly on edge. Oh, I’m also exhausted all the time, just adding to the issues as stated before.

I’m looking forward to spring but truth be told I might just check into a hotel for a weekend. Maybe find a hotel with a spa someplace close, so when another massive storm rolls in the weekend (ruining all of my plans for the weekend again) I can trudge my way for bit of relaxation.

And that brings me to a question…what are some good hotel points programs? Years ago I was invited by a retailer that I had a credit card with to take surveys for points. Well, after years of doing these surveys for the fun of it I’ve built up a fair amount of points that are needing to be cashed in….however the company that originally sent me the invitation no longer offers any points programs. It’s all hotel points or travel points – super fantastic if I actually had an account with any of them, but I don’t. I have flying so the travel frequent flier points are out as well.


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