Indiana Kitchen Bacon

I am a self proclaimed bacon snob. I am loyal to the Schwan’s pepper bacon. Once you taste it you’ll never want anything else. I even rank it above the butcher’s bacon. I will honestly forego eating bacon if it’s not up to bacon-y quality.

I was seeing a number of advertisements for a bacon called “Indiana Kitchen Bacon.” The advertisements stated that it was the best bacon you could get and it was available at a grocery store. Well, the pictures in the ads did make the bacon look like it was a much higher quality than the average paper thin see through bacon that is typically found at a grocery store. Oh! These ads also came with a coupon. I decided that I would give it a try…that is if I ever found the bacon. When I would go grocery shopping I would stroll by the bacon section looking for this fabled thick cut bacon. Months went by and yet this bacon was never seen. Then at one of the meat store stops I noticed they had a new bacon variety for sale tucked in amongst their typical fair of bacons. This bacon’s card read “Box” bacon.’ I read the box it was sitting in, printed across the side was “Indiana Kitchen.” Ha Ah!

I ask the poor meat guy (he is poor because he got stuck with me) about their “box” bacon. To confirm that it was from a supplier. This butcher has always done all their own meats it was pretty surprising to find that they even carry a supplier meat. Well, it was in fact from Indiana Kitchen, I asked for a pound of the bacon. Husband looked at me questioning why I would buy something supplied pre-readied to the meat store. He actually asked me about why I got the bacon after we left the store.

I cooked up the bacon that night. I was using it for a Beer and Cheddar soup recipe I had found and wanted to try. I was not about to use an un-tested bacon for just eating. It was getting tossed in or on something. The recipe did call for a 1/2 pound and I did get a whole pound of bacon. That gave me plenty of bacon to sample as well has having enough for the soup.

My first thoughts on the bacon. It was thick cut…and actual thick cut. Not the sorry sad excuse that is typically called “thick cut” bacon. It was thicker than I cut my brisket so that right away won points from me for the bacon. It did cook down a it from it’s thickness, which was a little disappointing compared to what I normally get for bacon. Once cooked it had a nice crispness to it with a good “snap” but not over cooked, and didn’t just crumble to itty bitty pieces when trying to eat it. The bacon itself was a touch salty for me, but it’s bacon and bacon is meant to be salty. It wasn’t over powernigly salty just had more of a salt taste. It was a nice salt taste not like the kind of bacon where you take a bite and you feel like you just dipped moistened spoon in a pile of salt and then stuck the whole thing in your mouth. The bacon did not have extreme amounts of shrinkage either. It kept it’s color nicely and looked really pretty. It looked like bacon you might want to take pictures of for a photo contest about bacon.

In the end I really liked the bacon. I was a little sad that I used it in a soup in the end. I thought it was a great bacon for just eating. I really wanted to put it on a burger. Every bacon bite I took I imagined it topping a bacon and avocado topped hamburger one a toasted jalapeño roll.

The burger hasn’t happened yet, but someday soon I hope. I have yet to find Indiana Kitchen products in an actual grocer or any of their other products. I would recommend the bacon. I liked it and will be buying it again and not because I don’t have any other options for bacon.


2 thoughts on “Indiana Kitchen Bacon

    • The cut was pretty close. Indiana Kitchen shrunk up a bit more then Schawn’s. I liked the Indiana Kitchen taste better than the Schawn’s regular bacon but not better than the pepper bacon. The Indiana Kitchen bacon was a bit crispier the Schawn’s a bit more “chewy.”

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