It goes on and on and on….

Life has been incredibly busy. This year just started out with a bang and hasn’t slowed down….no, that is a lie, it started out slow and accelerated to the current pace and hasn’t slowed down. Instead of being shot out of a cannon it’s been more of short highway on-ramp and I’m still traveling on that freeway. So because of that let’s talk about all the things that I seem to have slacked off on. 

1) blog updates. Let’s face it there just isn’t time for me to sit down and compose anything on the computer. It’s not say haven’t written hundred of blog posts in my head only to vanish into thin air when I have the time to commit something to the screen. I should try and get my husband to start writing about his experiences in cooking…but he thinks he can’t write (sigh). I’m also trying to make him do more of the meal planing. Do you understand how silly it is to have one person plan a meal and the other person cook it? Silly, and I always pick out meals that are too complicated or Hamburger Helper for him. 

2) Other blog updates. Yes, I have another blog….kinda. It consists of a place holder photo and a terrible template design. I used to put all the randomness in my head there, then decided to clean it up to showcase the things I’m working on – business stuff. Even though I’m working and producing stuff finding the time to talk about it (even though I would really like to) is just once again falling to the way-side. 

3) My house cleanliness. It’s a catastrophe, my house. Clutter all over, construction remnants dragged about the house and no time to do much of any picking up. I tried once and in 1.5 seconds a box of art supplies – large box – and a tub of Legos were dumped and then strew about the place. My first thought was “Well, I’m not making that mistake again.” The mistake being that I picked up all the blocks and art supplies in the first place. My house would still be an utter disaster but my mother-in-law picked it up and vacuumed – Vacuumed! I love a vacuumed house! – when I was off on the other side of the state going to a funeral. 

4) Grocery shopping. I have no food left to make a meal. I’m pretty fantastic as throwing together a meal out of nothing. There are plenty of days where Husband will be lamenting about how we have nothing to make for dinner and in 30 minutes or less I have something good to eat on the table. By the time he’s saying there is nothing that we can eat I can whip up something for a good week. This time, I am completely out of food. I have food but nothing to pull together any type of a meal and no time to go grocery shopping. 

And here is what’s not getting slacked off

1) Work – Yay work! The brunt of it has slowed down. I’m a little sad about this and I hope I will get revisions soon. This should give me the time to get back into some of the other projects that I’ve been working on which I don’t get paid for, such as personal projects. I started a new project for a calendar project for an animal rescue society. It’s all donation. A friend of mine sent me the request, when I read it I was thinking I’m very busy right now and probably should not take a project of this magnitude, however that voice was squashed as I hit reply and offered my services. It’s been two years and I guess I must just miss the utter drudgery and 7 levels of hell that calendar projects produce. When I communicated with the rescue society they mentioned that they had another designer that just stopped communicating with them half way though the project last year. I told them that unless they designer had created a calendar of this nature in the past most don’t know what they are getting into. So far this project is looking good compared to my other calendars they have everything ready! Fantastic. 

2) Death. People die all the time, currently it’s people I know or parents of people I know. In one week I had three people die. One was a close friends mother. The other a former co-worker who was only 34 and left behind two young children and was also one of the most sweetest, caring people ever. I know stuff like that is always said about the dead but with this person it is the absolute truth. That was utterly heart wrenching. I did skip out on the funeral, mostly because after a weekend of funerealing I needed a personal break. I wanted to go to the visitation but the roads were awful, and when you are doing a whole bunch of funeraling and people your own age die you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. Traveling in terrible conditions was what I felt to be an unnecessary risk. Then on Monday night I found out that my last remaining aunt on my dad’s sided aunt had died. Rather unexpectedly too. She died of a blood infection. She wasn’t in the best of health but still this was pretty unexpected. She went into the hospital on Saturday and died Sunday night. That funeral is on Saturday. Since the funeral is Saturday I’m honestly wondering how I’m going to get grocery shopping completed and go to the funeral (life with small children) before the store is sold out of everything. The living go on living and people need to eat. 

The only reason I can whip up this little write up is because I made both the kids take a nap. I was quite sick of the overly emotional reactions to everything by the three-year-old. She’s been sleeping for a few hours, which means she’ll be up all night not sleeping, but I decided that having a cranky kid all night was worse than one that doesn’t sleep. 



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