The Rabbits

The rabbits are decimating my bushes. I mean truly decimating. Not only are they all over my burning bush but they have stripped my forsythia bush of every branch dow to the huge stalk things that went wild last year (they are typically called suckers). I was going to trim the suckers back this year so I not too concerned that the rabbits were snacking on this bush until I went and took a look at it today. They have eaten all the branches a good three feel off the ground, and as the snow melts the eat the uncovered branches like a starved homeless person at an all you can eat buffet. They are starving after all so I guess I can’t blame them too much. I am trying to feed them and they are not eating the food I’m throwing out. They only thing they seem to want to eat are stale taco shells and cabbage. The cabbage is even so-so on the rabbit menu preferring the stale taco shells. The squirrels are all about the cabbage. I think the rabbits have taken to trying to eat the bark off the oak tree as well because there is massive amounts of rabbit shit ringing the tree.

I’m looking out my large window at my burning bush the rabbits have decided is their all-you-can eat buffet. Around the ground is all kinds of black/brown stuff which looks to be chewed up bark, or dirt. I’m just standing in my window, in my pajamas cursing the rabbits. If they were out there at that very moment I would have shook my fist at them and called up my impression of a caricature of some old man ranting at some of those damn youngin’s. Later on I went out to inspect these dirt/bark leavings that were strewn all about my burning bush. I’m squatting down about two inches from the ground studying this dirt when I get a small sent. I continue to study the brown stuff and thing “this stuff kind of looks like coffee grounds, I keep thinking I can smell coffee too.”

Coffee…it was coffee.

Husband was throwing the grounds on the burning bush.


2 thoughts on “The Rabbits

  1. I don’t know what beaver shit looks like, but I do know what rabbit shit looks like and there is a whole bunch of rabbit shit in my yard.

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