As one gets older normal things become mysteries

I think there is a point as you age you start to regress from a fully functional adult set of logic back to a child like state. 

I had to go pick up my grandma’s tax paper work to drop off at the preparers office. I went over her paper work, which I think she was somewhat agitated that I was going through all off of it, but I figured let her be miffed than have something important not get in the pile. Grandma as I’ve mentioned in the past is in an old folks home. She requests that they send her refund check to the old folks home and no her house. I tell her that I’m pretty sure that they have to send it to the home address. Ok, let’s faced it I know 100% with out a doubt that the IRS is going to send things to a home address and that their feelings on special circumstances is “to bad, so sad.” But, with Grandma’s you don’t just say that they are wrong you soften it. I being the genius I am suggest getting it direct deposited and listed off all the wondrous benefits of this amazing technology of direct deposit those being no paper check, no driving to get said paper check, and getting the deposit weeks before a paper check would arrive. I thought I had won…but, no. 

I told her I needed a voided check or a deposit slip, she didn’t get why I needed that even though I explained it several times. She then asked me what a routing number was. I had to show her. She said “Well, I’ve never noticed that before.” 

Uh…what? Not like you haven’t been paying your own bills since I was a small child and you’ve never ever once wondered what the hell all those numbers are at the bottom of the checks. I’m calling bullshit on that one. 

And then there was the other piece of paper work that has nothing to do with taxes but came from some financial institution. Grandma was stressing about this paper work, I read it and as I was reading it she was telling me about it and that she had to call them but there was no number (incorrect but I’ll get to that later). I read it, and tell her “You don’t need to do anything, you can throw this away if you want.” She thought I was CRAZY! Then informed me that she brought it down to the office ladies and had several people read it and no one could explain to her what it is and no one, not one told her she didn’t need it and could throw it away. Including various people looking up information on the Internets. 

My response was “Well, then no one bothered to actually read it.” And then I explained each section, the top section is the instructions part which states “….if this information is correct, no further action is required.” The next part I explained is nothing more but a series of definitions and the information after that is the information (grandma) provided to the company…which I made sure confirm is was correct. Grandma stops looks at me and says “No one bothered to explain it like that to me, that makes so much more sense, why didn’t anyone tell me that earlier.” Uh, because no one bothered to read it?

Anyhow, I told her to save any financial paper work she had questions on and I would review them. I think my mom is just exasperated by Grandma at the moment with saying she’s moving home the end of the month with no plans (yeah….that’s the end of this month which is this week.) 

And this all brings me to my theory that old people become more child like the older they get. My neighbor, a sweet old lady at the age of 87 who lives on her own and is quite spry still has her child moments. Such as a few years ago when we had a bad storm roll through. It was wet and we have a number of trees that are in desperate need of trimming on the street. One of the larger tree branches was hitting the power cables sending down a shower of sparks all day long directly across the street from my neighbors house. She sat there in her house all day watching the sparks rain down from the power cables and waiting for one of the neighbors to return home from work. 

My husband happened to be the first one home. As soon as he pulled in the drive way she came running out of her house, catching Husband in the drive way and franticly telling him about the sparking wires all day. She asked him “What should I do?” He asked if she had called the cable company, she said no and if he thought she should do that. At this point he said that she didn’t need to call them and that he would take care of it. She was so thankful that someone was home and could handle the situation. 

When he told me I just said “I told you, they lose their grasp on logic and become like children.” 


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