Oh Menards…

Menards. An interesting place to say the least.

We have a long running joke about Menards. When we first got married and purchased a house we were frequenting the home improvement stores multiple times weekly, sometimes multiple times in a day, especially on weekends. We always commented on how super random some of the stuff sold at Mendards seemed to be. One day my husband is at work having a benign conversation with a co-worker about the pervious weekends events where he said that we went to Menards. The co-worker busts out “Menards! Best price on ketchup!” And then the conversation about how this co-worker drives about 45 minutes to the Menards (because they lived a ways out of town) to buy their ketchup because it was by far the best price they had ever seen. This then turned into a long running joke between my husband and myself about how Menards carries the most random stuff all the time, not just a “special buy” like some of the other home improvement stores will run. At Menards you can always get your 2×4’s (albeit you have to dig through a whole ton of garbage wood to find one), ketchup, dog food, maybe some hot pockets, maybe a few plants, a gigantic toy look-a-like banshee for the kids and maybe some flooring if you’re up for a flooring project.

We went to Menards last weekend to get a light bulb, because it seems to be the only place in town that carries that particular light bulb. If you are going to Menards expect to spend some time wandering the store to find all of the amazing items they may or may not have in store. I wanted to peruse the camping section, maybe they would have a tent for the right price and we could replace the one that cat pissed all over. No tents I was willing to buy, but then we happened on the knife aisle. Yes, Menards has a knife aisle. I found it. I go to Husband “Oh! Look knifes! Maybe we should pick a few up,” half joking and picked up the Bear Grylls knife and make some mockingly gesture at Husband. (Ok, we’re not so much fans of the Bear Grylls – the knifes are pretty cool though). Then Husband noticed that not only does Menards carry the Bare Grylls but also the Les Stroud knives, Husband is a HUGE fan of Les Stroud and he wants the Les Stroud Machete (sadly Mendards did not have this on the shelf). Menards had some other brands, the other most notable Camillus and Kershaw, not bad brands of knives. And then we moved on from the knife aisle to pick up some bird seed and plastic tumblers for the kids.

A few days pass and Husband brings up Menards, I yell out just after she says “Menards” “best price on ketchup!” with out missing a beat he says “and apparently the best price on knives.” He said they were well under advertised  price of  all the other local companies he looked at and the manufactures website.

So there you go, why shop anywhere else.


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