Grandma Moves Home

Grandma moved home. This past weekend was the weekend that Grandma moved back home. She seemed very excited to be moving back home and yet a little nervous. When I visited the past few weeks I would ask if she was excited about moving home. I did not get the impression that she was jumping for joy but did want to get home. She also had to tell me multiple times that she was not nervous. Ha! The only time someone mentions something over and over again is when they do that feel that way…at least a little bit. I would be nervous if I were in her position even at my age. After spending the better part of a year in nursing home or assisted living I think going out on your own would be a bit of a nerve racking experience.

My aunt, uncle and mom moved Grandma back home. They got her moved in and then left. At first I was thinking that seemed a bit harsh just dropping Grandma off and then heading out…but my mom had a good point and that was if Grandma can’t make it in her own home it’s better to find out right away. Grandma moved out of the assisted living center about a week early so that if she didn’t feel comfortable she could move back into her room. The assisted living center has a waiting list if Grandma gave up her room and then decided that she wanted to move back she very well might not have a place to go back too.

I did not assist in the move, which was for the best. I’ve learned that when family is involved the less people involved the better. And really, what the hell was I going to do besides not be helpful unless I left the kids at home. In hindsight I should have totally used the excuse that I needed to go move Grandma in without the family to get a break from my own children.

I’m tempted to run away from my family for a weekend. I know I need a get-a-way weekend, or maybe just a few hours because I have been doing nothing but pinteresting Jell-o shot recipes for the one weekend in the summer I escape and go north with the ladies. I’m even looking at tents. I had the perfect tent but the cat(s?) decided that she wanted to use it as a make-shift litter box for an entire summer, and well…you just can’t get that smell out. The place we go has ample room for everyone to sleep I don’t need a tent. Hell, it would actually just be silly opting for a tent in place of a comfy bed with linens and pillows. I want the tent for one reason, sweet sweet solitude. I can just camp in my tent and be alone! The four hour (and some for stops) car ride is starting to sound like the most glorious part of the entire weekend. Eight full hours of glorious alone time. I say this and that means that I’ll end up car-pooling, which is nice for a long trip. Maybe this year I’ll not be the one to drive and I can just ride along. I know I’m longing to get away when I start looking up booze recipes and contemplating buying a new tent which I will used two times from never.



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