There is a reason that parents, especially those of young children vanish from sociality for a few years or can not be expected to get anything done in a reasonable amount of time. The reason is because once children are added to the mix everything become exponentially harder. Leaving the house…ha! Good luck with that.

In my house things tend to pile up and up and up. Until the day you look in your storage space – a very LARGE storage space that runs the entire length of your house – if full. Full of random stuff that should have been sold off, trashed or given away years ago. We’ve been trying to work on this crawlspace issue since January. I can successfully say that I have yet to make a dent in it and I’ve already sent five large boxes to Goodwill, sold a few things on crags list and started throwing out random empty boxes.

In an effort to stop things from ending up back in storage I have instituted a “do this box.” It’s a box, and it has rules, that I make up and change as I feel like it. It’s like a child’s game of hide-and-seek, you just never know what the rules will be until I decide them. The ultimate goal is to take things out of the box and take care of them, things that have been shelved for years. Items go in the “do shit box” then on Friday each adult in the house removes something from the box and must take care of that item before Sunday. I made up a new rule last week that if the item takes less than 10 minutes you have to pick another thing until the 10 minutes has been fulfilled.

I decided to grab my item out of the box.

It was a bobble head that the child had ripped the head off within the first 30 seconds of it being given to her.

I started to look for the hot glue. First I had to guess on what art supply box or bag I put one of the three hot glue guns that we own where that might be located. Then I spend 20 minutes trying to locate one of the three. Eventually, discovering it in a cabinet in an effort to hide the some of the art supplies from the children. Alas, no glue sticks with this glue gun, the glue must be with one of the other two glue guns. I lucked out on the glue for the glue gun as I had a random glue stick in my pen/pencil box that I keep on a shelf above my desk that the children can’t reach. Score! Finding the glue and the glue stick only took me about a half an hour.

Then I had to glue the head on, which shouldn’t be that hard, however this is from the dollar store and is a silly little trinket with poor quality manufacturing (maybe why it’s head popped off in the first place). There is a hole at the bottom of the head but not the correct size to fit the spring for bobbling. Made a glue web over the hole and then stuck the spring in to the head. Then hold on to the bobble head until glue sets.

This entire process took me 40 minutes to accomplish, and there is a 100% chance this head is going to get ripped off again.

If the children were up the time would be doubled, at the very least.

This is why people with kids get nothing accomplished.


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