Aluminum foil?

I’m an avid Pinterester. There are things on the Pinterest, saving money, living naturally they pop up constantly. One thing that pops up is make you’re own dryer sheets. I always thought they are like a dollar even I’m not cheep enough to make my own. Well…I ran out of dryer sheets. 

Ok…not really. In truth I have a package of 250 buried in storage someplace since the laundry room is still down to studs and all the laundry items still in storage. I really did think that when I kept out one Costco sized box of 250 dryer sheets it would make it until the end of the laundry room remodel. No. I ran out. August will mark one year of dismantling the laundry room, and to be honest it will November before I even bother with getting back to that renovation. 

So, here I am standing in front of my dryer with heaps of laundry in the middle of the night having no desire to go to the store at midnight to pick up dryer sheets. I think there must be some alternative with products in my house that I could use. That’s when I remembered a post I saw. I used a ball of aluminum foil. Well, what the hay. I know I have that in the house and it’s one ingredient. If it totally sucks then I’ll break down and run out to the store at 1 am. 

It worked. In fact it worked so well that one little aluminum foil ball has absolutely zero static when I go to remove laundry. ZERO. No socks stuck to shirts, ever. They are just tumbled and not clingy. I’m amazed…now if I could get that aluminum foil ball to smell like the Bounce I’d be in business. 

P.S. The ball gets smaller and tighter ever load which I find amusing. 


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