A good ol’ fashion-ed rant

I’m highly caffeinated so it seems like a good a time as ever to post a good old rant about something extremely trivial.

You know what I hate.

Plus size clothing.

What a random thing to hate.

I shop those deal sites, like Zulily, daily. It’s window shopping on my phone. Window shopping I actually get to do because I can’t go out and do any parusing at a real store. Not with two small children in tow. Shopping is one part mother hen and the other yelling “Don’t lick that!” at the children. Oh and the random “I gotta go potty,” in the middle of the store with a cart full of that mammoth box store and you just happen to be on the complete opposite side of the store.

Ah, good times.

That leads my looking at clothes to these sites and they tend to have at least one “plus size” feature of the day. Almost every day I look at the section and I think “What women in her right mind would wear that hideous outfit?” It’s like the designers all got together and said “Hey fat girl you need 5,000 yards of fabric to cover those rolls.” I swear theses plus sized cloths look like they look some drapery and just pinned it around and called it good. Large balloon-y outfits with millions of layers don’t make anyone look good, least of all someone with a bit of curves. Unless maybe a wedding gown and I’m still not on board with that trend.

There is way cute stuff out there for every body. Don’t settle for frumpy un-flattering outfits. Unless it’s raining and watching movies on the couch in pajama pants.

Next up on random rants about clothing, bikini’s for little girls. Talk about over sexualizing children, people complain about toys, but yet’s parent’s are cool with putting a small child in overly “sexy” triangle top and string side bottoms? We try and tell our daughters to love and respect themselves but buy clothes that are reminiscent of the 20-something college scene, seems the two are just a wee bit at odds with each other.


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