Ever the Drama Queen

Grandma likes the drama, she even likes to manufacture it when she can. Most of us are on to her antics.

Grandma has assisted care insurance plan which pays a portion of any assisted living costs or nursing home costs. Back when she was in assisted living I was over getting her stuff for her taxes to drop them off to her tax person. When I was there she whips out this letter, which is about a month old. She asks me to read it and wants to know what it means. I read it. It says that the nursing home hasn’t sent in their paper work. I ask if my mother has seen it, or her sister (my aunt). My grandma says “I don’t know maybe, I don’t think they did.” So first off I tell Grandma that if my mom hasn’t read it that she needed to show it to my mom. I get some flippant remark about how she won’t do anything. The whole story I’m being fed just seems a little fishy, so I snap a photo of the letter and text it to my mom. A few moments later I get a phone call from my mom. I end up calling my mom back after I leave Grandma’s. Turns out this letter which says she might get denied (start the whole process over) if the nursing home doesn’t get in the paper work has been getting whipped out to every relative that comes to visit for the past month. My aunt called then nursing home and gave them the what-for and got it handled. There was also a follow up letter that stated the paperwork had been turned in – that letter never got pulled out for random relatives to read.

Months go by, the insurance company needs other various paper work and letters and whatever else, now Grandma is out of the assisted living center and back at home. She gets a letter that was delivered to my mom’s house from the company. Grandma reads the letter out loud…

“…..As a reminder to continue to issue refunds for your care and you are still in a care facility we need monthly billing statement sent do us. If you have not already you should receive your insurance checks soon….”

Grandma puts down the letter and starts yelling



“I’m canceling my plan, this is bull. Those bastards taking my money all these years just to keep all of it.”

Husband is giving grandma the raised eyebrow. I’m in the other room laughing. My mom is just looking at her exasperated. My mom then tells Grandma to re-read the letter. Grandma is affronted. WHY?

Read the letter. Read what you just read.

Grandma re-reads the letter starting from the beginning, when she gets to the portion about needing monthly statements if she is still in the living center she puts down the letter and once again states “SEE! They won’t give me my money!” My mom then looks at her and says “What did the stay…that it’s a reminder if you are still in the home…and that you will be reining your checks shortly.”


‘OH! HAPPY DAY! I’M GOING TO GET MY MONEY! I’m sorry I called them bastards, they are angels, just the sweetest people ever!”

Then my mom and I left to go buy a grill that doesn’t double as flame thrower. A flame thrower that shoots flames at the person trying to grill.

We get back and I hear from my husband that the entire time we were gone all she did was tell him that she was rich and that they were the best people ever, and she was sorry she called them bastards. (She’s so NOT sorry she called them bastards.)


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