Happy Friday!

This week has been another back to work week! I freelance graphic design. My bread and butter client, more like my only client. They keep me busy enough that I really can’t take on much other work. A nice set up but also somewhat scary if they ever decide to drop freelancers (discussions more on this later).

I have spent most of the week thinking “how the hell am I going to handle this with three kids at home AND trying to work.” It’s not just the three kids but that one of them is only two months old at the moment and likes to eat all the time. Very time consuming. I figure that something is going to have to go to shit, as it stands right now it’s going to be the cleanliness of my house and having homemade cooked meals. Looks like Husband will be on the job with Hamburger Helper.

The tree is still standing in the house. Dying. I gave up watering it about a week ago. The decorations have been removed so now we just have a dying Fraser Fir hanging out in the living room. Unfortunately due to my current projects, Husbands overtime and juggling an infant the tree is just going to have to wait until we can both have a moment to take it outside. It takes two people to remove the tree, not that it takes very long but one person needs to hold it up as the other unlocks it from the stand. I’m sure it could be done with one person but I don’t have any desire to have a half-dead tree fall on me when trying to unlock it from the stand.

I have big things planned for this year, I also know full well not all of it will get done. Time and money make it impossible but it’s not for me to not try to do it all. I would love so much to get the kitchen done this year, but that is a rather big financial endeavor and it’s not a project we’re going to tackle ourselves. We also have the bathroom to fix up, which needs new cabinets. The rest I think I can fix with a bit of wall patch (hopefully), but at least it’s not a total down to the studs fix. The garage door needs replacing. Husband finished that off when he tried to “fix” it. And we need new trim in the hallway (and possibly the living room). And we need a new snowblower, thankfully the winter has been virtually nonexistent so I haven’t needed to worry about that expense. At some point we really should get the underground sprinkling fixed. It hasn’t worked properly since we moved in, 9 years ago! It worked, sort of, then Husband decided he was going to winterize it himself. That did not work out. It exploded. We had to get a new regulator deal but it leaked like a sieve, so it got turned off to be dealt with the next summer. However, that summer came and went and several others and various updates to the landscaping happened, so it’s more like needing a new system than a simple fix.



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