As a matter of fact, I do!

Fact is I am a nerd, and I wear it proudly. I’m quite old enough to not give any shits about what other people think I should be in-to. My major “nerdisms” is in “fantasy.” Which, I’m sure is why I’m a huge fan of Star Wars because I need my space saga with a touch of magic. (Really, what do you think the Force is, it’s magic.) I also happen to be way into comics. Marvel comics. DC is cool but I just never got in to many of their story lines.

After years and years of trying to make it to (any) comic con and never being able to make it due to other events I decided this year I was going to go and drag the whole family along. My husband, who is some how stuck in the phase of pre-pubescent caring what other people think about you and might make fun of you about it said that he would go but refused to dress up. I happen to be relating this to a group of lady friends of mine about how he won’t dress up. All of them who are not particularly into comics or pop culture all responded with “Isn’t that half the fun!” Well, yes, yes it is.

Of coarse them being a group of my friends naturally asked what I was going to dress up as, and I told them a Jedi Librarian like Jocasta Nu. Thanks to the advent of smart phones pulled up a photo and showed them.

Eventually as the night wore on another joined our party and conversation turned to their possible impending engagement and how they want to go to Vegas and get married by Elvis. One of the other ladies asked and how does the man feel about this? The soon to be engaged said “oh. Him, I’m sure he’d prefer a Jedi, but who the hell just has a Jedi costume laying around.”

To which the entire table then erupted in a bit of laughter and pointing.


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