It’s summer time! 

And with summer time comes trips to grandma’s house and all the random things that happen. It’s been a few years since any updates. That’s because of babies and life (I’m also on mobile so please excuse the shitty typos). The only time I have to sit and write is when the baby is sleeping on me, all other time is dedecated to chores. 

There is another baby in the mix. 

Look, there he is, I just took that! 

Traveling with three kids is a pain in the ass. I hear of other parents going on vacation with small children, to them I raise a glass, because fuck that shit. The only over night I do is my grandma’s it’s still a hassle and a half and it’s only 45 minutes away and a grocery store is about a mile away.

The Husband was supposed to be out of town for the weekend causing drunken shenanigans in Chicago for a friends bachelor party, but during the course of the week he got a job interview scheduled for 8 am on Monday 😮. After some decision time he decided it was best to be the responsible adult and stay home to make sure everything was set. Since he was supposed to be gone I decided to take the kids to my grandma’s because I could either sit at home and be irritated by my children’s whining for 72 hours driving me to the brink of sanity or I could take them to grandma’s where they will draw her a million and one pumpkins and rainbows, and grandma will talk about the scrawlings like they are Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” Since Husband was now home it became a day trip and he tagged along. 

We get there and the first thing grandma tells me is that she drank one (1) of my beers, which were really not even mine but my husband’s as I don’t really drink beer. I told her that she can have all the beers she wants, but she was stressed about this one beer and tried to force one of her beers on us. The only beer in the fridge was a Redd’s Apple Ale, which my mom brought, the Lemon Shandy’s we brought (the beer that was drank), and a case of Miller Lite that I had just picked up for the Husband. 

The question then became is grandma’s beer the Lemon Shandys or some mystery beer…maybe located in the house fridge? She tends to have some Rolling Rock stashed away. Did she go buy a six pack of the Shandy’s and drink them all or did she think she has beers but was actually out for some time? I could have asked but 1) I don’t want to give the impression that I care about the one beer, because I don’t and 2) I don’t want her to think I think she’s loosing her mind (which she is), so it’s now the beer mystery. 

She said “You gave me a taste of that beer you brought and it was just so tasty I just had to have one.” This to me says that it’s time to pick up the Leinenkugel shandy sample pack! 


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