The Death of My Facebook

The fact is this has been a long time coming. I hate Facebook. I’ve hated it for a very long time. I’ve been slowly removing myself from it for over the past years, only on occasion showing something that the children are doing.

There is no discussion on Facebook. It’s just a bunch of people shouting at each other with no discussion or communication. I can honestly say that the actual conversations I’ve had with people on FB I can count those people on one hand. I can also say that those people I’ll keep in contact with if I’m not FB or not.

Sadly, on my part I can’t delete the thing completely. I’ve found after I deactivated it that I have too many other things connected to my FB profile that I like the convenience. I really have no desire to re-start a Target Cartwheel account, so I’m stuck with a slightly unused FB account.

In an effort to stay more connected with friends and family I’m going to do my best to put more up on this blog, but let’s be quite honest, I have no time for anything.

I left my household responsibilities and got out for a few hours with friends, a very rare occasion. It was fantastic. Adult conversations! But, now my house is destroyed, and I have a pile of things to deal with on a Sunday.

Point being I’m not too optimistic of actually getting regular postings out about stuff that it happening, but hey, it could happen.



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