Never Drink The Milk (About)

Hello and welcome to Never Drink The Milk. Afraid this might be an anti dairy blog, have no fear, it’s not. That is, unless you like to buy a gallon of milk, freeze it, then thaw it for a cup, then freeze it again until the entire gallon has been finished, then you shall fear because it is an anti-frozen dairy…but really if you are refreezing milk and eating it you probally have bigger things to worry about…like spoiled dairy products.

So, what is this about?

Food, mostly, and the antics of my life and family.

But, what’s up with the title…neverdrinkthemilk?

That comes from my grandmother, and her absolutely awful food storage. She doesn’t drink milk, never has since I can remember, but she uses it for cooking. She will go out buy a half gallon of milk, use the half cup or so for whatever she is cooking and then freeze it. That’s not that odd, what is odd is that she re-freezes it over, and over, and over again. I’ve found milk that has been a full YEAR past the sell date in her house. I know that it wasn’t sitting in a freezer since she bought it. She has other odd food storage habits that would make many people sick. One day on a visit to grandma’s with my new husband I mentioned to him “Never drink the milk,” and said nothing more. It wasn’t until years later when we had a child and he saw me packing up milk in a small cooler that he started to question my statement from years before.

Enjoy the stories of bad food storage, recipes and the crazy antics of my high-strung family.


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