Ladies weekend Jell-O Shot Recipes

Every few years I make it to a ladies get-to-gether weekend. The hostess holds it every year but as of lately I seem to only be able to  make it every other year. I LOVE to make Jell-O shots. I get to experiment with flavors, pawn them off on everyone else and they are petite bombs of booze. In the past years had piles of them left over. This year, in an attempt to not come home toting bags upon bags of semi-solifited jiggly booze I tried to hold back. This was also the only year I ran out.

Here were the recipes I concocted this year.

Basic Recipe (for the small boxes of Jell-O)

1 package Jell-O
1 Cup boiling water
1 Cup flavored liquor

1 package Grape Jell-O
1 cup boiling water
1 cup UV Grape Vodka
This was the first group of Jell-O shots to vanish, it had just the right about of sweetness to liquor. It also helps that UV is one of the best flavored Vodkas on the market (in my opinion) they have a good flavor and don’t seem to have that harsh Vodka after taste that many of the cheeper flavored Vodkas have. I’m so not fancy enough to be buying any Absolute for Jell-O shots. I’m sure it would be delicious, but I’m a stay-at-home mom on a budget.

Strawberry Margarita
1 package Wild Strawberry Jell-O
1 Cup boiling water
1/4 cup triple sec
Juice of one lime
Approximately 3/4 Cup Clear Tequila – The tequila finished making up the second cup of over all liquid
This was the third most popular Jell-O shot. It did vanish the second quickest but I think it was more because of the appealing pretty pink color housing a rather sinister Jell-O shot. Enough of these and it would knock you on your ass. I used 1800, they were smooth but pungent. Not a Jell-O shot for those that don’t like tequila. Personally I am a fan of tequila so I enjoyed them and will be making them again. I also threw in some zest of lime to be fancy.

1 package Margarita Jell-O – Yes! a Margarita flavor Jell-O. I love this Jell-O flavor for this reason. I LOVE Margarita’s, I saw this limited edition Jell-O and stocked up. Sadly I haven’t seen it on the shevles since and this was my last package)
1 cup boiling water
1 cup clear tequila
Yes, you can taste the tequila. Yes, it’s tart, and yes, it will make your tongue go numb. They are strong, and once again not for someone who doesn’t care of tequila. Now, if you are a fan of tequila and Margaritas then this is a Jell-O shot for you. Sadly I think the Jell-O mix is hard to find.

1 package Mellon Fusion Jell-O
1 Cup Boiling water
1 Cup Madori Mello liquor
This was the second favorite Jell-O shot of the get-to-gether. It however lasted almost as long as the Margarita Jell-O shots, I think because I had them in the same freezer bag the two tended to blend together, and people were shying away from the Margarita Jell-O shots. The shots looked pretty, had a nice sweetness with out an over powering lingering liquor taste. However, I think the melon fusion flavor of Jell-O is another one of those “seasonal” or “Test market” Jell-O.

I also tried making pudding shots – on request – which didn’t turn out as they should have. I learned that pudding shots need much less liquor in the recipe. They only half set up, even after being in the freezer, however they were a big hit even being a bit liquid-y. So here’s the parts I used not the actual recipe because I need to figure out the correct amounts of each.
Instant Vanilla pudding mix
Vanilla Vodka

They ended up having a similar taste to a Kahlua White Russian.