Turdface has returned!

Yay, the cat is back. She is still just as bitchy as ever. 

She was discovered in the church Sunday morning just after they started their service. A guy found her hanging out in their lobby and shoo’d her outside, the guy mentioned to a lady that there was a cat in their lobby. The lady seeing my multitude of posters asked what the cat looked like and then told the guy to run outside and see if it’s the cat on the poster. They decided that the cat on the poster did look an awful lot like the cat that was in the lobby of the church and the lady called me. 

The church is located directly across the street from the my house. When I called the lady back she stepped outside, I was in my driveway. She walked out and then said “Oh! is that you right there?

Yes, yes it would be. She then filled me in that they had found the cat in the lobby and they chased her outside. Where she ran down to a back door and then vanished. We searched under the bushes and no cat was found. The lady suggested I put out a can of tuna because a cat that hasn’t eaten in a week would be very hungry. I don’t know why I didn’t even think about that but it was a genius plan. This lady obviously knew cats! 

I put the cat box out with the can of tuna in it where the cat was last seen, then sat in my kitchen and waited, and waited and waited. Yet, still no cat. We put the kids to bed, still no sign of the cat. Then as Husband and I were finishing out lunch I said that I would walk over to the church to see if there was any sign of her since it had quieted down before there was a rush of people leaving. 

I walked up to the cat box, nope, the tuna had not been touched and no sign of the cat. Then all of a sudden I hear a “meeeaawwwwo” 

“Meaawo, meahow, meahow, meahow, meahow!” 


I can’t see her, but I can hear her. I keep calling her, then all of a sudden her little head pops up. Still meaawohowing as loud as ever. She’s about 50 feet away from where I was standing. I get up and start walking towards her. She is refusing to move but practically meow screaming at me. I get to her and scoop her up, still meowing as I walk her home. She was so lout that Husband could hear her in the house and walked outside to see what was going on. 

When I put her down in the driveway she was trying to get in the window closest to the ground, like “let me in this house, NOW!” She ran in as soon as we opened the door. She ran up to the dog and seemed so happy to see the dog, rubbing all over hear, purring and bumping her head on the dogs face. She eventually made it to her food and ate a bit then lounged on the floor. 

She later wanted to go outside but not without a person. She wouldn’t go any farther than the stoop unless we were with her, and even when she was on the stoop she continued to bitch at us. 

The Husband said maybe I just went crazy thinking someone took this cat and she was actually living in the church for a week, however, I still think someone took her and dumped her either in the church just after they started their service or she somehow ended in there after trying to get home, and here’s why…

The church is a pretty busy church. It’s not as if they show up one day a week and no one crosses it’s doors for an entire week, but first off the cat went missing on a Saturday night. That means an entire Sunday where the church is full of people, and yet no one noticed a cat prowling around the inside of the building. It’s pretty easy to tell if any animal is living in an enclosed space for even a little while. She would have been stuck in the church for over 12 hours by the time church time would have started. Animals do things…like go to the bathroom, and that is pretty obvious, also the church has get togethers and what not after their service. People are there until well after 2pm…and no cat spotted? 

On Monday the lady who cleans the church cleans it (It’s one of my neighbors). The church has recently started renting space to a Hispanic congregation, they had some teen night on Tuesday. Wednesday night is band practice, which lasts from about 6 pm – 10/11pm(ish). Thursday this week was a huge hoopla for the Hispanic half of the church. The place was packed! They didn’t end until well after 10pm and had the street lined with cars. Saturday is Hispanic church service, and that’s not any of the other coming and goings of anyone that works at the church, like the music director or office people – which are in and out on and off during the week. So, with all that going on, all week, no one, not one, saw a random cat or sign of a cat that was living in the church for an entire week, and just shows up in the lobby 10 minutes after the start of service. 

Because that cat was not in the church all week. 

Not only that, the cat wasn’t hungry, that’s why she didn’t go for the tuna I put out for her. The church cat lady was right, a cat that hasn’t eaten in a week would have been all over that tuna, instead she found a hiding spot where she could see the cat carrier (and me) but no one could see her, unless he wanted them to. 

When I brought her in I split up the can of tuna…still thinking that she would like to eat it. The two dogs, and other cat where all over the tuna. I had one cat on the counter trying to get it and two dogs behind me dancing around trying to get some tuna. Turdface was snacking on her dry food. I divided up tuna giving each animal a portion. I set Turdface’s portion next to her. She looked at it, snubbed it and then trotted off. This cat does not stub tuna, ever. It’s a fancy nice treat that they might get a pinch of if I’m making something with tuna, and even then it’s pretty sparse. Turdface, typically when I open a can of tuna is on the counter and in my face before I’m even finished opening the can. 

I’m fairly sure that someone picked up my cat and had her for the week, or at least a good portion of the week. As she was not hungry, no more than her normal anyway, snubbed tuna and had no weight loss for the week. She either escaped and was trying to come home and somehow ended up in the church or whoever had her dumped her off in the church. She may have wondered into the church if the doors were propped open when people were coming in for service…and ending up in the lobby. 

There is also the lady and the dog. A dog and lady, matching the description of who/what I saw in my yard shortly before the cat went missing were out walking Sunday, the day after the cat was gone. We were out in our yard. I saw them and had the hope that they would walk by our house, as I’ve seen the dog quite a few times walking by our house. I wanted to ask if she had seen the cat, and if she saw her wonder off. The lady looked right at us and did an about haste heading off in the other direction. It was just odd. Could have very much been a coincidence. Another strange coincidence is that after Sunday last sunday I have not seen this dog anywhere in our neighborhood. I used to see the dog almost daily. It’s just a little odd. 

So now Turdface has returned and is back to peeing on the doors. 


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